The Mountain is the area most people venture into after training in the Drakmor Castle or Lake Gala depending on your alignment. In either case the Mountain preceeds the Ogre Cave.

You need to complete the Freeing the King quest and defeat the Park Ranger to move into Mountain area by using the Mountain entrance teleport location. The Park Ranger can be skipped if you use the Mountain Top teleport location. Walking to the Mountain area can be done by going north through the Outskirts and then southeast, followed by east through the Vast Valley.

The Mountain requires an Intelligence of 144, 160, or 176 depending on your race to enter.

There are several monsters here, the Goat, Bear, Masked Ranger, Pegasus Scout, Hydra, and the Hill Giant. The last three creatures are only found on the Mountain top.

The Hill Giant is a quest creature and is extremely strong, so it's wise to fully avoid it unless you are doing Fighter quest 10. The Hydra randomly drops all 7 pieces of Hydraplate Equipment armor plus Hydra Flanks. The Pegasus Scout drops Pegasus Wing.

Several areas have access points in the Mountains. They are the Vast Valley, Ogre Cave, Volcano, and the Clouds.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Park Ranger Earth 25%/15% 1 None 120,000 1,075
Goat None 5%/0% 1 None 28,000 1,000
Bear None 10%/0% 1 None 29,000 1,075
Masked Ranger Air 10%/0% 1 None 30,000 1,175
Pegasus Scout Air 10%/0% 1 Pegasus Wing 31,500 1,300
Hydra Earth 20%/10% 3 Hydraplate Equipment, Hydra Flanks 80,000 1,650
Hill Giant None 40%/40% 1 None 100,000,000 25,000


Red Dot — East to Volcano

Blue Dot — East to Vast Valley, Mountain Entrance Teleport location, Park Ranger

Cyan Dot — Shimmering Portal to Clouds

Green Dot — East to Ogre Cave

Yellow Dot — East to Dwarven Stronghold

Dashed Lines — Up direction instead of North

Capital "H" — Location of Hydra

The Number "1" — Mountain Top Teleport location

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