The Mountain.

Not a new place really. This gets divided up into 2 sections. The lower part, which has your generic goat, bear, and the OH DAMN, 1930's bad guy, the Masked Ranger. And the upper park, Pegasus Scouts(w/ Hydra).

What do you want to hear today from me?

  • Vast Valley Teleport. Jesus, if you read this and you're still needing to do this, quit. Just say, fuck you MT, and quit.
  • Park Ranger. If you still need to fight this fool, expect a 3 to 4 round fight. But if you went ahead and told MT what I said above, pat yourself on the back. Play X360 or PS3, or Wow. Any of these work.
  • You didn't listen to me? Shit. Well then keep reading…
  • 750, 770, and 550 were my stats for 1-rounding with a WTK. Masked rangers still hit me some of the time, but fat burn should make you eat bear steaks often enough to offset this.
  • May be wise to stay in lake til 1-round with GSS. Exp is less per kill, but you get more out of your food rations. Plus you find more food that you can sell for money.
  • For 600k gold you can buy a weapon in the shop. I have no clue how good it is personally, but it's been said it's well worth it. You may or may not have enough money when you get here. If you do, it's because you didn't buy a black amulet. I will evaulate further when I get weapon to say if one choice is better then another.
  • Side note about this weapon. The price stays the same no matter what your Chr is. So raising chr is pointless. JESUS CHRIST YOU ADMINS, MAKE UP YOUR GOD DAMN MIND! "We want all stats to be important." AND I CAN'T LOWER THE COST OF THIS WEAPON! MWEFMMIPFMPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It may take you 15 to 20 attacks for the Ogre Cave with WTK.
  • I love writing this shit. And hopefully only AA sees this. =)
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