Mythril Armor is the last set of armor you can get in Shilla. It is also the most advanced, adding stats varying from 150 points to 350 points to any individual stat. The Armor has 33 points of defense per one attack.

It is very specialized, as you can only wear pieces that match your character race and gender. So if your a Male Lizardman, you can only wear Male Lizardman pieces, and not Female Lizardman, or Male Arachnid, or anything like that.

In new shilla, the armor is now even more restrictive. The armors are guild specific as well as gender and race.

Odin only drops mage armor now
Thor drops fighter
Loki drops Thief

There are no longer any translations needed to determine what stat the item boosts, the name of the stat is now in the name of the item.

Helms are also now part of the droppable items.

This is out of date, but old info:Mythril armor comes in pieces that fit every body slot except the head.

Body Location: Name:
Neck Mythril Neckbrace
Chest Mythril Ringmail
Legs Mythril Pants
Shield Mythril Buckler
Feet Mythril Boots
Hands Mythril Gloves

There is also the Mithril Helm, that individually defends the same amount of damage as the other pieces of Mythril, and can be worn by anyone, but doesn't give any stat bonuses. You'll have to look at the forging section below on how to make the helm like the rest of the Mythril set.

How To get

Mythril Armor(minus Helm) is dropped by Odin in the Glacier. The Mithril Helm is found by Treasure Hunting in the Vast Desert.

Different Classes, Wall Score Restrictions and Statistical Bonuses

There are 5 classes of Armor, as shown by the table below on the left. On the table to the right will show the individual bonuses one can give.

Quality: Name:
+350 Points Supreme
+300 Points Glorious
+250 Points Superb
+200 Points Blessed
+150 Points Fine
Wall Score Needed: Name:
35000 Supreme
31250 Glorious
27500 Superb
23750 Blessed
20000 Fine
Name: Statistical Boost
Might Strength
Precision Dexterity
Form Constitution
Experience Wisdom
Brilliance Intelligence
Beauty Charisma


Mythril Helm Pieces

In the Dwarven Stronghold, there is a person that is 2 west from the Armor Shop. He can take a plain Mithril Helm, combined with any piece of Mythril you found from Odin This combination adds the gender/race restriction and stat bonus to the Helm.


Piece 1 - Supreme Masculine Lizardman Mythril Ringmail of Precision
Piece 2 - Mithril Helm
Combined Piece - Supreme Masculine Lizardman Mythril Helm of Precision

Upgrading 2 Like Pieces

This person can also take 2 pieces of like items, and make it the next possible upgrade. Another example below.

Piece 1: Glorious Masculine Lizardman Mythril Ringmail of Precision
Piece 2: Glorious Masculine Lizardman Mythril Ringmail of Precision
Result Piece: Supreme Masculine Lizardman Mythril Ringmail of Precision

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