A Nappy Review

Where did you find Shilla?

A friend of mine. I used to not own a PC, so I used to go to the library to go to chat rooms and to post on the "E-feds" (Internet wrestling roleplaying forums). He used to always sit next to me and play Shilla, and the name because it was easy to remember, stuck in my head.

Why did you start playing?

I started playing soon after I got my computer up and running. You can only spend so much time sitting on a computer, talking on a chat room. Shilla had stood out in my head, so I decided to type in the URL and see if it was still up. It was, so I decided to try it out by making my own character.

What made you interested?

Probably the simplicity of the game, along with having a short term goal to achieve that kept it fun. Comparing your stats with others, getting to colors before someone, having a new chatroom with each color, and it was just plain addicting. I have no idea why, but the sensation from bashing some image of a crab, was just amusing. Also, the fact that all the information wasn't out in the open. The Admins allowed the players to figure out stats and other information in the game, and post it on a helpsite for other players to use. So that allowed for a lot of hands on research. The community made it fun, also. They had a lot of information handy, which 90% of the time was useful and correct, and they were very friendly and easy to get along with. That was the main difference between Shilla and other RPG's. It also had a very simple navigation system that was not difficult to understand at all. Nothing was complex enough in the design that made it hard to understand.

What kept you going?

There was a couple things. First off, it would probably be the fact that new Quests and Areas kept being added. There were some new changes to the game shortly after I began playing, like alignments first being added. I was pretty much on a mission to get high enough in Wall Score to help the players figure out the stats that went with them, and to find out where and if you could change alignments. The other would be that I am generally a dedicated player. Since there was rankings, no matter how far off it was, I wanted to be in the Top 50, then it was the Top 25, then Top 10, then it was number one. There was always something to keep you occupied.

Did you ever want to quit?

There was plenty of times. I was one of the people who used an over damaged spell called "Energy Drain." It was pretty cheap to train up, and what it did was drained the fatigue out of creatures so they couldn't attack you. Basically, after you did so you just stood there attacking until it died, or "All Out Attacked" it until it was done scrolling. This made it easy to gain a lot of experience at a low level, and getting items you usually wouldn't get from a long while on. After they changed the forumla, I died and was behind in training areas, so it was difficult for me to have that dedication. I quit for a short bit, four months, and then came back and they had "Guilds." I didn't want to bother building my character up, then doing them, so I simply didn't. I ended up coming back two months later.

So how long have you been playing this?

Date Nappavase was created: 01/05/2005
-6 months break

Most Positive things to happen to Shilla?

Probably actually being able to complete the game, and of course Melkor, in all honesty. He's been with Shilla for awhile, and is always open to new ideas if they sound good. He kept adding areas, even held a contest for an original area that was never in previous versions. He's messed with the stats of creatures, weapons, and accessories. He's added fun features, like being able to change colors after beating the Warlock. He did all this, while still always trying to be present in chat, reading transcripts, restoring characters, and muting when a player needed muted. I think if we hadn't had a dedicated Admin, then we probably would have never gotten to see the ending to Shilla.

Most negative things to happen to Shilla?

I don't think there is really anything negative that Shilla has, except for a lower community now. There are players around like myself, Alyssa Aarilax, Bp, Annwynn, and Wizard, that are usually always more than willing to help players with information, and items. I think the largest problem with Shilla is it has really no graphics. There isn't any fighting simulation where you can visually see the fight taking place. It simply can't compete with other games, like WoW.

Final Shilla Thoughts:

Shilla is definately a game that is catchy and addicting. Even though a new version will be coming out soon, it's far off, and we have no idea how many or who will play it. Hopefully a good, solid, community sticks around for that version and spreads the word, so that way many people can bring the joy of Shilla that the old community and the people who have stuck it out in the "Shilla drought," the time they have given me.

"With everything good, there is an end. It's what you make of the time it's around that makes it something to remember." - Napp.

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