Necropolis is the village of Wraiths that's west of the Cemetery. From the Cemetery Crossroads teleport go West six times. The entrance to Necropolis will be to the west.

In order to gain their acceptance, you must have recently died. It takes exactly 24 hours for this advantage to fade.

The place is pretty random once you get in. You walk along a single road, with a 4-way towards the back. Along the road, you see random roads sticking out. Heading in those directions randomly leads you to various places. These include the general Bank, Armor Shop, Courier, and a Food Shop.

The last four possible destinations are specific to Necropolis.

  • There is a person who can uncurse the Invisibility Ring for you. That's the only item you need to uncurse in Shilla, and he requires you have the gold on you and not just in the bank. The cost is exactly 5 million gold.

* A second possible destination is a Spell Training Hut that allows you to train Energy Drain. A once powerful spell whose time has passed. (currently not in the game)

  • A third possibility is finding a person who can untrain spells and skills for you, which comes in handy at various points of the game. You'll then partially get your Exp back that you've used to train those spells.
  • The final possibility is that you may may find yourself in Limbo, the first step in finding, then fighting, the Limbo Keeper for a possible Phylactery.


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