New Shilla Town

New Shilla Town is a town that can be found at the SE part of Rough Island.

This place has a combination of everything in Shilla that you will find.

The standard Shillatown stuff is here, Traders, Bank, Trainers, Walls, Temples.

The cool part of this place is every race brought their shops to this town so it is a one stop shop for anything you may need.

  • Draconian Weapon/Armor/Food in NW corner
  • Elven Weapons/Armor/Amulets/Food in SW corner
  • Dwarven Weapons/Armor/Amulets/Food in SE corner
  • Halfling Weapons/Armor/Amulets/Food in NE corner
  • Wraith Armor in the middle
  • Orc will come at some point, not in game currently

The desert and glacier merchant have also found themselves here selling their items.

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