Beginner's Guide

Authors Note: Shilla has a bounty system now, read Bounties for more information.
Basically some monsters can give 3x or 5x the experience they normally would give. Therefore, you may be skipping through some of these parts or going through these parts much quicker.

Rewritten newbie guide to start, read this, then jump ahead to Outskirts part of main guide, or you can read Becca's Mage Guide if you want
to continue as a mage.

With the game getting a more beginner version, this is a slight rewrite of things and what to do. First, when starting out, don't bother doing
the 40 int method of training. You won't need those stats. I'd try to get at least 3 attacks(50 Dex) and the rest as Str + Con for fighting
stats. Once you have a character created with those stats, move on. If for some reason, you can't get to 50 Dex with starting bonuses, go with
30 Dex(2 attacks), and put the rest in Str+Con for damage.

You'll start in the Fountain, which is the center of the entire game. Accept the starting quest to see the Mayor, which is E,N,E from fountain.
He talks about starting a quest to clean the beach. Accept it. Now head south towards the Beach, going W,S,S,S,W. You'll find a Town Guard.
Accept his quest to find a weapon. Now walk to the Dirt Path. You will go E, 4N, 4E, NE to find the Dirt Path.

Kill the monsters along the way, these are starting monsters that shouldn't give you much problems if you have the right stats. Pick up
any food you get that drops from the ground, either the Snake Meat or the Juicy Steak. The food here is different from most foods in the game,
the Snake Meat heals for more life, the Juicy Steak heals for more Mana or Fatigue. If you need to heal in battle, eat the Snake Meat,
if you are training, eat the Juicy Steak. Now, take the first NW fork in the road, then go NE at the second fork, and go to the end of
that path. You will receive a Rusty Dagger. It has an average damage of 10 points, which is better than nothing. Be careful though, if you were
to die, you can not get this weapon again.

You should do some training in this area, try to get about 100k exp. At some point, you will need 20 Chr to move on to the next section of the
Dirt Path. Keep picking up food, and start walking back to town. Be careful as you are going back to town, and hopefully not attack a Town Guard,
even though you should be safe as they don't attack beginners who haven't trained yet. Once you do however, you are fair game to get
destroyed(they will kill you).

Once you are back in Town, go 5W, N, W to the food shop and sell whatever food you have extra in your inventory for gold.
Now leave there, go S, 3W, N, W andbuy the Teleport spell. Leave there, go N and train it. At level one it will teleport you to the Fountain,
which you can use to sleep in and fully regain all stats. Teleport, and walk to the Training Hall, which is 4E, S, W from Fountain.
Train Chr to 20, and Str to at least 41. If you had to train Str instead of Dex in the beginning, instead train your Dex to 50, while making
sure we got the 41 Str needed to equip our weapon. Now head back to the Dirt Path, hopefully you are starting to get a hang of the layout
of the game to know where to go.

With the 20 Chr, you can enter the Farm Lands. There is a quest immediately when you start to walk in where the farmer wants us to collect eggs.
The area to theleft has a Fat Hen, Lazy Chicken, and More Lazy Chicken, and an occasional Rooster. The Hen and More Lazy Chicken drop the
Chicken Eggs, we need 12. This area is a little stronger, so if you are getting hit a few times, make sure you go get more Snake Meat for healing.

Once you get 12 eggs, go back and turn them in. You get 500 gold! Now he needs us to find the rooster and 'take care of it'. In the same section,
just train untilwe find the rooster. The rooster is stronger, so be careful when fighting it. Killing the rooster and going back gets you
20k experience. He has one more quest, to kill the Fox. If you want to look for it, keep following the path east, until you can go North.
This spot and the spot North are where the Fox can spawn, the spawn rate is very low(1%) so I would advise just killing all the monsters in
the area until you find it so you are still making progress. If you feel weak still, teleport back to town.

Once you are in town, train your Chr to 30 for sure. Then go to the weapon shop (Walk to Dirt Path, at the 4 way go 2N) and buy a Battle Axe.
As long as we got the 41 Str required, we can equip this and increase our damage by an average of 26 points per attack.

Now I would go back to town, and go 1N from the Fountain. This is an item storage area. I'd store the Rusty Dagger there, at least for the
time being. If you die, we can grab it if we need it. Of course, that is not the objective here, but better safe than sorry.

We want to go to the Beach, but on the way there, we want to deposit our hard earned gold. So go E,S,S,W,S,E from the Fountain to the Bank.
Deposit what you have currently. If we ever die, we keep the gold in the bank, but you lose everything you have on hand.

Now continue on to the Beach, which is W,S,E,S from the Bank. Start killing all the crabs in the area while exploring the Beach entirely.
The Crab legs heal for 9 points of health, fatigue and mana, and about 90% of the food in this game will heal all 3 bars at once. If a Stone Crab
is giving you problems, you can avoid them for now, the other 2 Crabs are the ones who drop food.

If you feel brave, there is a cave you can go down in, which is an elite monster. They are different because they have an opportunity to go
first in battle, instead of you. The chances are lower if you have a higher Chr ratio to Dex, which we should. They give almost 1000 exp,
and drop some armor + 2 Crab Legs opposed to the normal from the other crabs. To equip one of these pieces, you need to join a Guild, which
you can research later.

I'd farm this area until you have killed all the Hermit Crabs, then teleport to town and visit the mayor. Now he wants you to kill
60 regular Crabs. I'd take a detour, and visit the armor shop and sell all the armor you picked up from the Crab Lord.
5-6 pieces of armor should be enough to get enough gold to buy 2 Glowing Rings from the amulet shop SW of town(W,S,S,W,W,S,S) from fountain.
This will add 10 Str and give you a glowing ability that we will need down the road in the Sewers. Teleport back, and visit the Experienced
Adventurer (2E,S) from Fountain. You can buy badges which allow you the ability to teleport to places, plus get exp/gold
bonuses. Buy the Beach so we can teleport to there. Also, make sure we have teleport at level 2(should have been done at the start).

Now go tackle the regular crabs. Same idea, farm the Crab Lord for some extra gold, otherwise just kill everything until you hit the
quest goal. By focusing on theCrab Lord and whatever crabs came my way until I hit the quest goal, I had 31 pieces of armor to sell +
80 crab legs and 275k experience to train.

Turn in the quest to the Mayor, and he'll have you kill 80 Stone Crabs. If you want to keep farming the Crab Lord, go for it,
but with my last run I felt I had enoughgold for starting equipment, so I just went and killed all the crabs until I hit the target goal.

Once that is all done, turn it in and accept the Castle quest to get that done. You won't complete that for a little while, but at least
we have a long term goal. I went and trained all the experience I got from quests and killing and got another attack(20 Dex). You won't
likely have enough for 2 attacks, and Dex is pointless to train unless it's (10,30,50,70,90 and so on…) so I trained Str & Con for extra
damage and life.

If you haven't done the Fox quest, we have better stats to farm the area he appears in. The Fox can drop a Fox Cap, which is starting armor
that gives 20 Chr. Killing the Foxand turning the quest in is 100k experience, and can be repeated every 60 mins if needed.

The Fox cap should help you get into a newer Dirt Path area, that requires 40 Chr to enter that's on the main path. Once you enter,
you receive a quest. Continue walking through the path until you see the fork, that's far enough. Walk back to complete the quest.
Turn it in and accept the next quest.

Buy the harvesting tool from the Dirt Path shop, and teleport to town to train the scroll you acquired. Train it to level 1.
That's all we need at the moment. Go backto the Dirt Path. Equip the tool(it'll be a weapon) and walk until you see a spot
where you can harvest where you just walked through earlier.

You need 20 Earthworms, which may take a while. You'll find tons of Potatoes, and if you want to pick them up you can, but they heal
for trash and may not be worth it. Once you turn in this quest, you can visit the area east of here, which has monsters similar to the Sewers
and with a higher level harvesting, better food.

At this point this guide will stop. The Arena NW of town is a alternative place to train instead of the Outskirts, with a small chance of
a starter weapon drop, can be a place to farm some gold by selling weapons. Otherwise, you can probably follow the regular guide for the most part.

Thank you for reading this.

Author's Note: There are some things that got changed, enough for a rewrite in the beginning. Instead of just trashing this whole thing, just read this, then read the guide, then come back to this later.

  • No longer can you start the Mayor quest to clean the beach, get the 40 Int, get a million xp and power through the beach. This was seen as too OP for the beginning of the game and now is encouraged to train through the beach with a series of lesser quests that doesn't give as much exp or gold.
  • There is a new area NE of town near the shops and trader jacks that have weaker mobs than the beach, for anyone who struggles with the beach area. You can train here with no worries.

* The Snake Meat food from the Blindworm there is very beneficial; it heals for 150 points, but most importantly it sells for 27 gold. Stockpile as many of these as you can to sell; selling them will help you acquire a weapon and glowing rings faster, since you won't make any gold from fighting monsters in the near future. Nerfed

  • There is a section about the Amulet of the Apprentice that can just be disregarded entirely; the price was raised to a Black Amulet and unaffordable for a beginner. The only drawback will be that you will need to train some Wisdom to teleport to areas with your Teleport spell.
  • There were death notices on certain areas in the Beach, don't worry about them anymore. They are restricted areas until you meet the requirements to enter.
  • You can do the Dark Traveler quest in the Outskirts for a chance to find a better weapon. The weapon is random and can either be good or terrible, but completing it does give a 10% exp/gold bonus for 30 minutes.
  • You can do the Cookie Monster quest in the Beach. You may get a Green Emerald/Dust that can help out in the future, but the foods they ask for will be easier to obtain. Also completion of this quest is the same 10% exp/gold bonus for 30 minutes as well.
  • Don't bother with the Bored Guard in town. The rewards aren't good and the time wasted in killing inferior monsters is generally a worse tradeoff than the reward of 10% exp/gold.

Shilla: Rise of the Warlock Beginner’s Guide

The Beginning

”It was strange standing at Shillatown’s fountain again. I felt so much less powerful than I had and wielding nothing. Where was my Frost Saber and the bottomless bag of gold I once carried? Nevermind, for I saw a sign directing me to the Mayor. That felt familiar at least, though the Town Guard telling me the same thing did not.”
-Alyssa Aarilax, Lizardlady Extraordinare”


Welcome to Bp’s beginners guide on how to play Shilla. This guide will teach you all the basics and give you a walkthrough from the start of the game until you rescue the king from his castle, the first big quest you will receive in Shilla.

This guide will explain everything that you will need to know to progress. How to train, where things are, how things work, etc… He hopes that this will help any player on their journey through the game of Shilla.


This guide will be written from a perspective of a Human race. This race is the most generic and average race there is. No strengths, no weaknesses. If you choose a race other than Human you will need to adapt this guide to your race's strengths and weaknesses.

Creating a Character:

Chances are you have already done this. Good news though, you can delete and start over if you feel like you have made a mistake in your choice of race and stats. Here is a table below that you may have seen in your starting journey in Shilla.

For now, pick a race you like, and then take the 30 points of stats you are able to add to your character and add enough to your Intelligence to get that to 40, and then take the rest and put it into your Dexterity.

AA here. Getting that 40 Int right away is no longer the priority, since there is no big experience point payout anymore. While I haven't done any really thinking or doing on the subject dumping all your extra 30 into dex for more attacks wouldn't be a bad move, nor would be getting to my favorite ratio of 1 str, 2 dex, 1 con. At least if you're a fighter or thief. You're on your own, mages.

Menus and Gameplay

Now to the actual gameplay.

The left sidebar contains the menu of links for your score, weapons, armor, jewelry,
food + spells, misc items, guilds, and options.

Class, Name: Squire Generic(Class, Character Name)
Sex, Race: Male Human(Race and Sex of Character)
Alignment: [Blank] (Can be Fire, Water, Air, Earth or None)
Guilds: [Blank] (Can be Mage, Fighter, or Thief)
Bank: Gold: Experience:(Money in Banks, on hand,
0 0 0 and experience on hand)
Str:20 Dex:30 Con:20(See below on Stats)
Wis:20 Int:40 Chr:20
Wall Score: 150 Spells: 0(6 main stats added together is Wall Score)
Deaths: 0 Kills: 0(Times you've died, and monster kills in game)
Weight: 0 Encum.: 0%(Weight of items, and % of Strength you are using)
Quest Points: 0 Quest Progress(Link to any quests you have going)

Here you can equip/unequip/examine/drop your weapons.

There are 7 slots of armor you can equip. Helm, Chest, Shield, Neck, Legs, Feet, and Hands. For each of these you can equip/unequip/examine/drop your armor pieces.

You can wear a necklace, bracelet, and 2 ring slots. Same thing applies to these that apply to weapons and armor.

Food inventory is what you are carrying for food. You can consume food to heal your life, mana and fatigue.

Spells have 5 categories: Teleportation, Buff Spells, Attack Spells, Healing Spells and Skills. The main 2 you will deal with, will be Teleportation and Skills. The others are for Mages, which will be explained in future guides if you are interested.

Misc Items:
Here are items that don't fall under a normal category. Gems, Dust, Keys, etc… all end up here. You can drop any of them if you like.

Here is where you will find your primary guild(Fighter, Mage, Thief) and when you can leave their guild if you would like. Also below that is the specialized guild for each primary that deals with weaponry of various types. There is also a time you can leave that as well.

Finally, below that is any bonuses you have earned through quest rewards. Accuracy, Critical hits and total weapon damage is what will be shown here.

Menu Refresh:[None] [5] [10] [30](How fast/slow you want the menu to refresh)
Attack Text: [Brief] [Verbose](Pick Brief, Verbose is laggy and pointless)
Spell Attack Panel: [Hide] [Show](just hide it if you are a fighter/thief)
Mini Map: [Hide] [Show](Shows a little map in the top right corner)
Main Layout: [Old] [New](Older layout from previous Shilla, or newer one)
Additional Styles: [No] [Enable](can change button colors with enable)
Hide BG-Image: [Hide] [Show](Background images sometimes suck, up to you)
Buff Icons: [Basic] [Cool](Basic icons up on top frame, or newer ones)
Map Layout: [Blocks] [Paths(For Minimap, Path looks better visually)
Keyboard Shortcuts: You can program keys to do actions for you.
(You can attack, cast spells, heal, teleport, buff, consider, eat food)

Now that we have gotten the left side of gameplay taken care of, let's go towards the main frame of gameplay.

To move, you can click the directional links given. Otherwise, you can use your arrow keys on your keyboard to move as well. Also, the number pad also works, if you have one, and can be used for all 8 possible directional positions. The + button can go up and the - button will take your character down.


”The Town Guards scowl hadn’t changed in the eons since my last incarnation, nor had the words of the Mayor. He bid me gain intellectual strength through combat and training, then pointed me towards the nearby shore to battle crabs. A once remembered taste of crab legs came unbidden to my mind. I was turned around at the South Gate by a Town Guard who mentioned a knife he had dropped while picking berries at a nearby farm area. 'Might be rusty, but it's better than nothing!', he said. ”
-Alyssa Aarilax, Lizardlady Extraordinare”

You should be in town right now at the town fountain. This is where you will start and the first place you can teleport to when you learn teleport. The fountain is the central hub of Shilla basically. Anyway, click the link that says 'Where is the Mayor?' You will get directions to see the mayor. The mayor is East, North, and East from the fountain.
Go ahead and click the directions to get there(or use your arrow keys). When you are there, click 'Talk to the Mayor'. You will see some quest dialogue. You also earned 3000 gold and 50,000 experience. Not bad! Next, click on "Agree to the Mayor's Plan" This is where we needed that 40 intelligence. However, we prepared earlier if you followed my advice and got our intelligence to 40. If not, the Beach south of town(E,S,S,W,S,S,E,S from Fountain) is where you will train to get the proper experience to complete this quest.

Once we have it, go back to the Mayor and click 'Am I intellectual enough?' With that you just got 1 million experience! Go ahead and click the 'I will do my best' link to start the Rescue the King quest. It will be a while to finish, but we got plenty of time here.

What to do with the gold and experience we just gained? Go back to the fountain.
Now go W,N,N,W,W,N,W to the spell shop. Buy teleport. Go E, then N from there to train the spell. Train it a couple spell levels. The first teleport spell will always be the town fountain. All directions will be from there.

Now, teleport and go W,S,S,W,W,S,S to the Amulet Shop. Buy 2 Glowing Rings. The Rings give +5 str each. Teleport to town. Equip them in the Jewelry section. Teleport.

Go E,N,N,E,E,N,N to the weapon shop and buy a Battle Axe. We can't equip it yet.
We will fix that real shortly. Teleport again. Now go to the training center. That is E,E,E,E,S,W from fountain. Train your strength to 50, dexterity to 70 and constitution to 50. Now we can equip the Battle Axe. Let's go down from the stat training area one space to the weapon practice area.

Here is where you can practice attacking the training dummy. Clicking Single
Attack will attack the dummy. It will hit you back for 0 damage. People use this
to estimate how much damage they can do, and compare it to a target they want to
train at. It is a very good learning tool. Go ahead and teleport back to the fountain to save walking time.

Go E,S,S,W,S,E to the Bank. This is where you will deposit your gold. You want
to do this often because if you die you don't lose the money in your bank. However,
you will lose the money if you have it on hand. Teleport to the fountain and let's continue to go over some things that you should know.

Town Guard Warning and Stats

DO NOT EVER ATTACK A TOWN GUARD! They will kill any player at your level. In
storyline they are present to keep the town safe, and even if you managed to
kill one, you would lose all your experience and any gold not in the bank, so just leave them alone.

The 6 main stats in the game are Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom,
Intelligence and Charisma.

Strength: Increases Life, and how much you can carry in terms of weight of items.
Encumbrance is measured by [Weight/Strength]. If the % is too high, you will lose
Fatigue every step you make in the game. Also, this along with Constitution will
increase your base damage for attacking.
For Axes and Swords they use Strength as a requirement to wield their weapons.

Dexterity: Increases Life and Fatigue. Also gives you extra attacks for every 20
points put into the stat. (10,30,50,70,90,… Dex would be 1,2,3,4,5,… attacks)
For Daggers and Bows they use Dexterity as a requirement to wield their weapons.

Constitution: Increases Life and Fatigue. This along with Strength will
increase your base damage for attacking. Also used as a requirement to wield
Staves and Maces.

Wisdom: Increases Mana. Wisdom is also needed to activate main quests in the game.
Also raising Wisdom allows for higher level training of spells.

Intelligence: Increases Mana. Higher Int allows you to visit more areas in Shilla.

Charisma: Increases Mana. Also affects shop prices, since the formula is
[Base Value/Charisma] for buying items.

The Farm Lands

" Good gads the mosquitos were thick as I wandered the hills and little valleys looking for that lost knife. It was indeed rusty, but was good enough to begin killing wiggly brown snakes, mosquitos, and even an occasional stray dog when I had courage enough. -Alyssa Aarilax, Lizardlady Extraordinare”

Aa here. The beginning of Shilla has been spiced up a bit with the creation of several new locations and a whole slew of creatures. No big experience bump at the start, but you'll get the fun of doing slow and steady. You'll still want to see the mayor for the 100 Crab quest, but then its down to the Town Guard by the Beach entrance, then off to the NE by Trader Joe's to enter the Muddy Dirt Road section of the Farm Lands. head NE then NW, then NE again to find that Rusty Dagger. It will add 8-10 points of damage per hit which will definitely help. Nothing in either section of the Farm Lands or the Beach can kill you in one shot, but going through food 2 hitting is never the goal. Focus on Mosquitoes and Blindworms, walking back to the fountain to heal/gain stamina, until you got enough experience to gain the teleport spell. Don't eat the Snake Meat if you can avoid it. Its worth 150 gold each. Use the Juicy Steaks from the Stray Dogs or just go back to the Fountain. Your goal is around XX in str and con and 50 dex for three attacks to 1 round everything on the Road. While you're at it get your chr up to either 18, 20, or 22 depending on your race to get into the Old Farm House section of the Farm Lands.

After you're comfortable with game mechanics and have beaten up enough creatures to have the above stats go to the NW side of the Muddy Dirt Road where the entrance to the Old Farm House is located. You'll immediately be greeted by a young man that will talk about chickens and eggs, then send you off to gather 12 of them. Gather extra if you want to use as food, because the young man will take them when you finish the quest. Finish the killing the Rooster and Fox quests as well, then train away until the quests refresh. Rinse and repeat until you're around XX in str/con and XX in dex, and have gotten a Fox Cap to drop from the Fox. Its a great helm since you don't have anything on your head and does give +20 chr that doesn't do you any good anyway.

The Beach

”Ah… The beach. I felt strong and intelligent enough to move on to more powerful foes, but taking a few practice swings against crabs was not a bad idea. The Battle Axe felt good in my hands and the Hermit Crabs never stood a chance.”
-Alyssa Aarilax, Lizardlady Extraordinare”

Lets go to the Beach. E,S,S,W,S,S,E,S,E from Fountain. We can practice attacking the crabs here. The main purpose is to get some good training from a knowledge standpoint and to also explore the area. Shilla gives reward bonuses for exploring new areas. We can kill any crab except the Demon Crab that lives in a cave in the middle of the beach. Explore the cave, but walk right out. The rest we can kill. Pick up crab legs for food on the ground. Eat them to replenish life or fatigue. Don't bother buying anything from the Beach shop yet. It's too new in the game for you.

Keep moving and practicing. Once you get to the NE corner of the Beach, stop. If you wander into the Sand Mansion, any monster there will kill you if you attack it. Once you've seen everything, teleport to town and go E,E,S to the Experienced Adventurer. You can buy the Beach Badge for 20 gold. Now you can teleport to the Beach. (Don't worry about not having 100% completion, you won't until you get to the Mermaid Hunter)

//”Aa here… You don't have to worry about the Sand Mansion anymore, for it has a restriction on it that will keep you from wandering in by accident for quite a bit of time. Depending on how much you trained elsewhere will determine how long you stay on the beach. Finish off the 100 crabs quest and farm the Crab Lord as talked about below until you can handle the Arena to get a free Tier 1 weapon. With that you may be able to move on to the Outskirts

One of the new creatures in the beach area is the Crab Lord, located E, E, E, S, D from the Middle of the Beach teleport. It hits for a max of 50 points, and has 150 life. Farming for gold is possible as he will drop two crab legs and an occasional piece of armor that you won’t be able to equip until you join one of the guilds. I would suggest joining the Thieves Guild, then getting and equipping the Elite Soft Leather Coif. It will only add +5 points of dexterity, but every little bit helps. After that, since gold isn’t needed, you should probably just move on. Another note of interest is the the Crab Lord is the first and only creature you’ll see for a long time that can attack you first.”//

The Outskirts

“Now this is more like it! I see areas long forgotten in all directions as I leave the hubble and bussle of Shilatown behind me. The rabble that make this area their home sometimes get a lucky strike against me, but it isn’t long before their pitiful attempts are seen no more.”
-Alyssa Aarilax, Lizardlady Extraordinare

Now lets go to the Outskirts. Bank your gold if you need to, then teleport.
Go E,N,N,W,N,N,W,N to the Outskirts. Same idea as the Beach. Explore the whole section. Kill everything, watch the Convicts as they are the strongest of the bunch.
If you find the Woodcutting scroll, pick it up. We can't really use it yet, but we
can save it for later. Pick up the Spicy Bat Wings, best food we can use. It heals for 18.
Once we get to the end of the area, teleport and go buy the Outskirts Badge for 80 gold. Now go back to the Spell Trainer in the NW part of town(look above if you need directions again) Go train our teleport to level 5. This gets us the 2 Outskirts teleports.

Now we can start actually training. We need about 600-700k experience to get our Dex to 90. We'll get that in the Outskirts. Train there. Keep your life above 100 as there is a chance we may get hit from missing too many attacks and the max hit of a the higher monster is 100. For healing, I would just suggest teleporting to town, sleeping at the fountain, and then teleporting back to the Outskirts. Leave the bat wings for healing in battle. If you also end up with a lot of bat wings, you can sell them at the food shop(S,E,S,W from Outskirts Entrance). It doesn't provide a lot of gold, but you don't need a lot to recover from any death at this point in the game. Friendly reminder again, please often bank any money you earn every time you go to town to train. This will be a habit that will serve you well all the time.

After that, we will need to train for about a million more experience in the Outskirts. This should go faster since we have 1 more attack than before, so we can 1-round more often. The goal here is to train for one more attack. That should put our Dexterity at 110.

”AA here… I was 1-rounding Bats, Goblins, and Gypsies consistently enough with a Str/Dex/Con of 40/70/40. Convicts needed an additional 10 points in Str and Con (or Grope)”

The Sewers

”My eyes light up at my most hated foe: Mimics! They are rare but I cleve off their heads with glee. Warriors leave behind a more powerful Axe, but it's still too heavy for my hands. That will change soon enough as rats soon fall easily to me, appearing out of the darkness from the glow of my two rings.”
-Alyssa Aarilax, Lizardlady Extraordinare”

Unfortunately, we could try to train in the Sewers, since we have Glow Rings already equipped and enough strength to lift manhole cover, but we still miss a little too much. So back to the Outskirts one more time for another million experience. This time we will put it in our other life and damage stats, Strength and Constitution. I had mine at 85 Str(+10 Str Glowing Ring) and 75 Con. We can mostly 1-round the Sewers now. The goal is another attack, which is about 1.5 million experience. Lets go ahead and get that to make sure we can 1-round the sewers more often than not.

The Warriors drop Whey Bread which heals for 27. Pick that up as much as you can and eat that for fatigue/life regeneration. Going to town to sleep isn't very viable here, since there is no easy way back into the Sewers, so we want to maximize our time here as much as possible. The Warriors also have rare drops, which are weapon upgrades. Hold on to them. The 2 we really want are the Broadsword and the Warrior's Axe. They both have Str requirements, which with the Glowing Ring bonus to Strength, these will be the easier ones to equip. The Mace and Spear could possibly be easier if Con is cheaper than Str to train for your race, but for my human all the stats cost the same.

Any weapon sells for about 1700 in the town shop. Decent money for a beginner such as yourself. Right now, I would just store all my weapons in the storage facility 1 North of the Fountain. Over time, you will make a decision on whether you want to be a Fighter or a Thief, and then also you will make decisions on Subspecialty weapon classes(Mace, Sword, Axe, or Staff for fighter, otherwise Bow or Dagger for Thief). Holding on to the weapons will help you in the long run, as once you determine what way you want to play, the lower level weapons get reused in the game in forge combos to make higher powered level weapons. As you can probably guess by now, we
don't want to be in the Sewers anymore than we have to.

But for now, we don't have that luxury, so we are going to power our Strength to 131 points and our Intelligence to 60 to access the Vast Valley.
We can use the Warrior's Axe because it has the highest attack power so far. Normally, you would want to increase your Dexterity to get more attacks, but the base attack power is just too much to pass up at this stage in the game.

So the numbers needed are around 2.75 mil or so experience. Back in the sewers we go. This should be our last push, so pick up the bread and the weapons. If you haven't already, explore the whole 5x5 section of the Sewers and pick up the adventurer badge from town. You will get a 1% gold bonus.

”Aa here… Sewer rats needed Str/Dex/Con of 80/110/80 and I was 1-rounding Warriors consistently enough with an additional attack (130 Dex). Equipping the Broadsword at 123 Str will get you out of the Sewers a little earlier and act as a transition to the Warrior’s Axe.”

The Vast Valley

”This place would be very pleasant if it weren’t for the Drunk Druids and Old Wizards hellbent on my destruction. They learned soon enough to fear my more powerful axe, though I would tiptoe past the Forest Ooz whenever I saw it lurking nearby. I strode the valley’s paths far longer than I would have liked, but I had heard whispers of an evil lurking in the Cemetery that is beyond any young adventurer like myself.”
-Alyssa Aarilax, Lizardlady Extraordinare”

After all that is done, we can do the Vast Valley. We don't have the teleport ability yet, so we have to walk. Take the Lake Gala teleport and walk north to the crossroads. Go east and walk through the area, killing the Old Wizards and the Drunken Monks. Explore every area(including the food shop), then teleport back. Go to the spell trainer and increase teleport by 1 level, and visit the adventurer to get the badge.

The next goal is to get 8 million or so experience to get our Dexterity up to 190 and our
Intelligence to 80. This will take a while. At least the food is good and the Drunken Monks drop weapons here too. We could try and go to the Cemetery in between here and there, but there is a random monster called 'Rooted Evil' who can and will kill you if you attack it, so we want to avoid accidental deaths like that. So better to be safe and not be sorry and just stay here in Vast Valley.

”AA here… I was 1-rounding Vast Valley at 132/130/80 with the Warrior’s Axe. That jump to Druid Valley and skipping the Cemetery is quite large so farm that food and weapons, bank your gold, and learn to love the grind. It’s either that or having to pay attention while training. Who wants to do that? :-)”


With the Rooted Evil no confined to a specific spot the Cemetery area is open to train in. You're probably swinging a Warrior's Axe, but switching to the Warriors's Mace will cut down the time you need to switch from Vast Valley to training in the Cemetery. I was 1 rounding the firt group of creatures at 140 Str, 230 Dex, 130 Con.

We have 10 attacks, but it just isn't enough to 1-round druids quite yet. So we need to go back to Vast Valley some more. I know it's rough, but we'll get through this soon enough. The goal is 3 million experience to get our Constitution up to 120, which is where our Strength cost is right now. My stats currently are: 131 Str, 190 Dex, 120 Con, Wis 90, Int 80, Chr 30. +10 Str with 2 Glowing Rings, +50 Wisdom from my Amulet of the Apprentice.

We can now 1-round them about 70% of the time, which is in the area west of the teleport where they only reside, which doesn’t make it an ideal training spot just yet. So back to the Vast Valley again to stock up on food and get about 4 million experience for 1 more attack.

We went back and it still isn't efficient yet, so we are looking for 5 million experience. We are going to raise our Str and Con up to get more life and more damage per attack. We are going to raise Str to 160 and Con to 150.

Druid Valley - Part 1

”The not so drunk Druids posed a challenge, and I had to train hard to begin besting them consistently. Kreens! Now there was indeed a foe of worth! Their clicking sound as they attacked still rings in my ears, but I painted the valley floor green with their blood. As for the food they carried in abundance? Well, lets just say I didn’t think about what part of the druid had been left in the sun to dry out.”
-Alyssa Aarilax, Lizardlady Extraordinare”

Now we are able to get to 1-rounding the Druids in Druid Valley. The food sucks since none drops, so we are going to have to eat our Peezza reserves from the Vast Valley and after that, sleep in town and teleport back and forth. Our next goal is another 5 million experience to get one more attack to train.

After that, we can actually go straight to the eastern part of the Druid Valley, with Kreens mixed in with Druids. Kreens can hit us sometimes, but Kreens drop up to 3 Dehydrated Druids which heal for 63 points. This is an excellent food stocking point for the run that will eventually be the Drakmor Castle coming up sooner than we realize. However, if it seems like it's not working out, we can always backtrack to the west side to only Druids. Our goal is 5.75 million for 1 more attack for a safety net.

Current stats at this point: 160 Str, 250 Dex, 150 Con, 90 Wis, 80 Int, 30 Chr.
Life: 560 Mana: 200 Fatigue: 490

”Aa here… I was at 185/220/170 and was pretty consistent vs the Avarial/Druid group. .”

Of Guilds

We should talk about guilds for a moment. I put it off until now because it didn't make much difference. However, we are going to the Castle soon, which drops armor that you can only wear if you are in a guild.

Fighters generally get bonuses in weapon damage and in critical hit rate %. Thieves get accuracy bonuses. Fighters have more weaponry to choose from(4 vs 2), and the requirements to use them involve Str and Con where Dex is the ones used for Thieves.

There are pros and cons to both, but a decision now isn't going to really do much. Pick one and go with it so we can equip some armor. After beating the castle, then more options will open up for weapon specialities and so on. Also, you can always quit, wait a day and join the other guild anyway.

Druid Valley - Part 2

Back to the Kreen/Druid killing some more. Build up a food supply and go for 5 million exp. We are going to get 20 Int for the Castle, and Str and Con. If you have a lot of food, we can go to the Castle and kill Rookie Guards/Castle Guards for some silver armor(fighters) or Rooted Evil in Cemetery for Rootscale armor(thieves) to use some of it up and get some protection for our character.One armor point is essentially one less life point we need to train later.

At 600 Life with a full set of armor, we can go to the 3rd level of the Castle. We are looking for a Blue Amulet from the Elite Guard. This gets us a whopping 30 million experience when we turn it in at the Amulet Shop in Shillatown!

Completing the Rescue the King Quest

”I stood at the gates of Drakmore and tightened the grip on my axe. My backpack was heavy with restorative food, but even the Rookie Guard I could see through the portcullis seemed a daunting foe. Had I trained enough on the endless wave of Kreens? Did I have the strength to make it up four floors to the chamber where the King was held? Setting my jaw in a determined grin I strode forward. Time would tell I suppose.”
-Alyssa Aarilax, Lizardlady Extraordinare”

I used the Ammy quest reward to get 40 Str, 40 Dex and 40 Con. Now my life is at 720. We can do the Drakmore Castle run now and rescue the King!

Make sure you go to the mayor and accept the quest if you hadn't already, we wouldn't want to go all this way to have nothing at the end to see.

Load up on Dehydrated druids, 200 should be plenty.
train up our teleport spell to level 13 to teleport back to the Elite Guard level. This will save you having to wade through them again later to clear the area.
And finish this baby off!

Make sure you heal after every round that you get hit. The max hit of Drakmore Dragons are 720, but with armor try to make sure you are at 700 life. When you make it to King Drakmor and return to the mayor, you will get 60 million experience. I would put it in (dex) stats, if you found a Tier 3 weapon along the way in the Castle, build up whatever stat you need for that weapon. If not, you'll find something soon, because you'll start training in the Castle.

AA here… Don't forget that avians, centaurs, elves, pixies, satyrs, and dryads take an extra 10% damage and will need to have more life than the listed 715 max hit.

And this is it. This is the end of the guide. You'll have a bright future ahead of you.

  • Remember to always train where you can 1-round.
  • Bank your gold often.
  • Research the wiki here for any questions you may have.
  • Ask chat for help with anything, we have good players who can help direct you.
  • You'll likely make a mistake and die in the game at some point. It sucks, but it's not the end of the world and you'll get back on your feet.
Thank you for reading this, Bp hopes you enjoyed it!


(from original guide)
Hestas: For maintaining Shilla while it was alive the first time.
Melkor: For all the good you did to make it a great game. I hope you're alive and well,
Nappavas: We had a good friendship, but real life is real life and we've gone our seperate
ways. But it doesn't take away the good times we had together.
Alphablast: Your site is still the standard for Shilla. My site just gets updated more often.
I hope real life away from the online world(I assume anyway) is what you want it to he.

(updated credits)
AA: I'm glad you came to my wedding and we met in real life. We’ve done a lot together for Shilla
and it's related help sites.
Locojoe4: Glad I met you in real life as well. I'm glad you came to my wedding as well.
Annwynn: I don't expect you to read this, but thank you as well. You were a very important
part of my life for a little while because of Shilla, and we can both agree that this was
a life changing moment for both of us in the long run.

Blink: For 20+ years of hanging around here with me and in real life.

Mediathrall: For creating the backbone for the new Shilla.

Magicast: For somehow having the files to restore this.
Jedi: For hosting Shilla.
Lord Buggy: For all the coding you have done to make this seem like the original.
Designers and Testers: I don't remember everyone, but any who did, thank you for
your efforts in doing so.

Old Shilla Guide

Shilla Newbie Guide
Version: Version 1.6
Copyright Kyle Frith (BP)
Email: moc.liamtoh|allihSfopB#moc.liamtoh|allihSfopB
All rights Reserved (C) 2007

Introduction to Shilla:



Welcome to the Newbies Guide to Shilla. This is a walkthrough of how to play Shilla, and also gives in-depth detail for how to get from the very beginning of the game, up to the game's first major quest, as well as how to get the next best weapon in the game, and various other important items considered important for any beginning player.


The info provided is based on me playing a Male Arachnid. If you're playing other races/sex, it may be easier/harder to get the exp/stats up to where I suggest towards training. Also, stat costs change daily as well. I have tried to make sure this is as foolproof as possible, and I will say it's probably 90% correct, and the other 10% should be easily adjustable. Races such as Elves, Pixies, Centaurs, Avians, and Satyrs get hit for 10% more then every other race. Keep that in mind when training, mainly in the end when you're preparing to beat the Castle.


June 11: Started planning of written guide.(V.1.1)

June 13: First Version Written to Vast Valley.(V.1.2)

June 20: Main Guide Finished(V.1.3)

June 21: Wrote in a Table, Credits, Descriptions, and etc…(V.1.4)

June 22: Did a major proofreading job to the guide. Also edited the document for GameFAQ's standards(79 lines).(V.1.5)

June 25: Did final proofreading, sent to GameFAQ's for eventual posting.(V.1.6)

Sidebar Links Explanation


Shows the Date in Shillan Time. Also shows how many people are currently online. Also shows the links for the Options, Score, Weapon, Armor, Food, Misc, Spells, and Skills. These links always appear in every menu on this side, so they won't be repeated in future descriptions.


Change Password:

Allows you to change the Password. You get a new email sent to your email address you provided when you created your character. With that, you get a new validation code that must be entered to proceed chatting, or doing anything outside of town.

Update Wall Score:

After training, or doing quests with Quest Points, you can update your wall score to show the new changes in your character. Most useful when needing certain Wall Scores to receive items, or quests.

Attack Display:

Starts in long display. Change it to short ASAP. Otherwise you'll get 20+ messages of the same thing over and over per round. Short just condenses everything to fit in one screen, reducing lag and headaches.

Gauge Display:

Default is On. If you don't like the gauges below the numbers being shown, click here to turn them off.

Food Display:

Default is A-Z Display(Name Acc). You can set it to Z-A(Name Desc), Healing Power Acc(small to large), or Healing Power Desc(large to small). I prefer Healing Desc, so your best food is automatically on top.

Number Display:

Shilla can put commas in numbers such as: 1,000. This can look annoying, so you can turn it off to just show: 1000.

Combat Picture Display:

If on, it shows pictures of the monsters you are fighting. They can get in the way however, so you can turn them off. Guards, and area pictures, however, always stay on.

Scroll Display:

If you have a Scroll, it by default shows on the combat menu. If you're afraid of using it before you want to, you can hide it until the time comes.

Accept Spell Display:

People can cast spells at you. You can either have Shilla ask you to accept their spells, automatically accept anybody's, or reject anybody's. I'd stick with Ask.

Rescue Me!:

Clicking this takes you to the fountain. But you lose half your exp, and gold on hand. It's a last chance measure to get back to town. People use this in places where spells do not work, mainly Maze, and Shrines. It doesn't work in Necropolis or Dwarven Stronghold however.

Log out:

Logs you out of Shilla, and back to the main page.


It's easier to copy/paste an example on here, with explanations in ( ).

Name: Bp (Your Character's name)
Race: Kobold (Your Race)
Sex: Male (Your Gender)
Align: Earth (Your Alignment)
Str: 3460 Your Character's Strength
Dex: 4630 Your Character's Dexterity
Con: 3340 Your Character's Constitution
Wis: 1000 Your Character's Wisdom
Int: 960 Your Character's Intelligence
Chr: 1340 Your Character's Charisma
Class: Warlord (Your Current Rank)
Wall Score: 12805 (Total of your base 6 Stats at the trainers, + Quest Points)
Exp: 153072429 (How much experience you have on hand)
Gold: 5584697 (Gold that isn't banked)
Bank: 3864256672 (Gold that is banked)
Quest Points: 195 (Points given after completing Shilla Quests)
Deaths: 17 (How many times you've died)
Encumbrance: None (see table below)
Guild: Fighter (Shows if you're in a guild, available after freeing the King)
Time Online: 14 Minutes (How long you've been currently playing online)

Life: 7465 / 11430 (Your character's current life next to your character's max life)
Mana: 1720 / 3300(Your character's current mana next to your character's max mana)
Fatigue: 3526 / 8970(Your character's current fatigue next to your character's max fatigue)


This is how much your character is weighted down. In the following table is explained how much you're weighted down. This means, how much of your total Strength you are using up by holding items. If you have 100 Strength, you can use up to 50 in order to get None Encumbrance. When you use all 100% of your STR, you will lose 1% of your maximum fatigue every step. That's quite a lot, so try to keep None, because at Light or above you'll increasingly start losing fatigue every step.

Encumbrance Table

Indication Strength usage Fatigue Loss Per Step
None 0%-50% 0%
Light 50%-65% 0%-0.3%
Medium 65%-80% 0.3%-0.6%
Heavy 80%-95% 0.6%-0.9%
Very Heavy 95%-100% 0.9%-1%

(Info taken from Shillatime, word by word, along with the table)

So, basically, you want to stay at none. Or light at the very worse. Otherwise, you're losing fat faster then you really want, and we want the fat to generate exp, not to be wasted walking.


Basically a drop down menu of current weapons you have on hand. You can equip one with the wield button, or unwield one to add to the list.


Same thing as the Weapon Menu. Drop down lists showing what you have in each category. You can either wear one, or remove your current piece to add to the menu.


Same thing as the Weapon and Armor Menus. See Armor for how to use it.


Shows all the food you have on hand. You can select how to display it in the Option menu. Consume eats it.


Shows what you have for Gems, Dusts, and Flowers. Flowers are rare holiday drops given at Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Anniversaries. Also, if you have a compass, it tells you that you have one.


Displays all the Defensive/Movement spells in a hyperlink list. If you have Offensive spells, they are shown further down. Clicking on that link opens up the group. From there, you can select which spells you want shown on the Combat Menu, and which ones you don't want shown(exactly like the Scroll Option from the Option menu).


There are only 2 Skills in Shilla. One is Mining, and that has a link. If you click that, you attempt to mine. It only works in the Dwarven Mine Shafts. Treasure Hunting is the other one, it is a passive skill. It works when you are in the desert without a compass.

Movement and Combat


Here is an example of what you might see in the game. Explanation is again in ( )

The nightmarish void of terror and sorrow swallows
you as you travel further into the Cemetary.(description of area)
You can travel south(hyperlink to one direction)
You can travel east(hyperlink to another direction)
You can travel west(hyperlink to another direction as well)

You move in Shilla by clicking on hyperlinks that link directions. Also, you can find links that open doors, enter portals, and other assorted areas. Same concept though. When you click the link, you move to that space.


You come across an enemy. What do you do? What can you do? Here's what each option does.

First off, you do not need to fight every monster if you can see navigational links. There are some places however, like the Castle, where no links are present. Then you do have to fight the monster, or teleport to another location. But if you have the option to move with a directional link you can do so without problems from the current monster.

If you decide to fight, your combat option are:

Single Attack:

You attack one time. You use the maximum attacks you have, and if the monster doesn't die, it attacks back with all the attacks it has. After a few seconds, of no other action on your part on that screen,
it does the same thing automatically. Can be useful if you want to strictly focus on healing and don't want to risk clicking attack right just after it refreshes, meaning you're going back to back rounds without healing period, which usually means death on your end.

All out Attack:

You attack until one of 3 things happens.

  1. You kill the monster.
  2. The monster kills you.
  3. You run out of fatigue.

It's mainly meant for a preventive way of cheating. But if you know it takes 2 rounds to kill something, or you're sure you can survive all the hits you'll take before you kill the monster, then it's worth selecting this.

Run Away:

Not recommended. You lose half the exp the monster would have given you if you had killed it. Does seem to work, however, in places like Clouds and Catacombs, where you need to make the monster leave certain spots so that you can do certain things in said spots. Also, if you're in a losing situation, this ends the fight faster then trying to run away, either by clicking a hyperlink or teleporting out.


Tells you if you can survive the fight. It breaks it down by hits, so if the monster has 5 attacks, it may say you can survive 3 hits before you won't survive the 4th, basic rule is, if you can't survive them all, you won't survive period.

Combat Spells:

Your available combat spells. Clicking one casts the spell on the monster, see Single Attack for what happens next. Doing nothing will cause the spell to be recast if the monster is not killed.


Clicking one uses a trained scroll on the monster. If you don't kill it, it'll try and automatically use another scroll if you don't do another action(spells or attack). If you don't have another scroll, you're in a bad situation in which running away is best.

After Combat/Defeating the Monster

If you kill a monster, sometimes it drops an item, like shown in the example below:

You notice a [Sparkling Silver] [(2)].

The first [] is a link, it picks up one of the item. The second [] is also a link, but it picks up all of the items, which in this case, is 2 items.

Sometimes you see a fellow player in your location, like shown below:

You notice [Balmung] standing about. The player's name is a link you can click on. This is what you will see when you click their name.

-Their Stats in a similar formation as your score menu.
-Their Spell levels, and the rank related to that.
-Their Kill totals, along with the rank given to their highest kill total.
-Any Active Spells they may be currently using.
-A link below where you can cast a spell on that person.
-Their Player profile(if they have written one, that is)
-Refresh link to update their stats.
-Return link to go back to the main screen.

General Explanation

Character Restoration:

If you played Shilla at anytime after about Spring 2003, you can e-mail the admins and ask for your old character back. You will need to email them with the name, and if possible, use the e-mail address you used with that name.


Death is a really bad thing. It means, you somehow, either, got hit for more life then you had, did something like drown without the means needed to swim, fell off the clouds without a means of flying, died from heat exhaustion, froze to death, or worse an item that was cursed and eventually died from
the curse. There are a few ways to die obviously. The effects are the same.

Here is what happens:

  1. You are teleported to the Fountain.
  2. You lose all the experience you had before the death.
  3. You lose all the gold on hand you had before the death.
  4. You lose all the equipment you had equipped before the death.
  5. You lose all the equipment you're carrying that you're not using.
  6. You lose 1 of each stat, for a total of 6 points.
  7. You feel like someone has punched you in the stomach.
  8. You find yourself staring at a page that is talking about white light wondering what happened.

Sounds really bad. What can we do about this? Well… not die for one. But if it happens, make sure you bank a lot. Set yourself a limit or whatever you feel comfortable with, and then bank that amount. That way, when you die, you have some money to recover. Ask people in chat to send you things you may
need help getting on your own. But don't waste money on things you can get on your own(by means of killing monsters for items), because money is hard to come by in the early stages of the game. Later on, not so much. But then you'll be more mad about losing rare items to care about the money. So either way, it is a bad deal.

Trading Items:

There are 3 places in Shilla where you can trade items. Trader Jacks, Bob's, and the Trinket Exchange. Jack's is up on the Northeast corner of town. He deals with Weapons, and Armor. He can also store forged trunks you make. You can forge 3 different ones, which add 5 slots each, plus the 5 you originally start with, for a total of 20 slots. Bob's is down on the Southwest corner of town. He deals with Food, and flowers. You have 13 slots there. Trinket is in the Plains, which is accessible later on in the game. You get 3 slots to start with, and 3 more with a Jewelry Box Forge.

Jack's items cost 2/3rds of what a shop would sell them for, if a shop could sell them. Bob's items cost 1/2 of what the heal for.(Not entirely sure, but not a big deal either). Flowers are free. Trinket costs the same as a shop's. But most items here aren't able to be bought at a shop anyway.


Chat takes up the bottom half of the Shilla screen. It's resizable, so you can move it up, or down as you see fit. Your default room is whatever your current rank is, and the room everyone uses, is on the top of the list. You are allowed to chat once you validate yourself, and in here you can basically, chat. Which means, asking for items, questions, or just talk about general things. There is a chatroom rule link on the right side, that you should read before you start talking, so that you don't do something stupid by accident like spam, or swear, etc…


There are 5 Alignments in Shilla. The first 4 are the base alignments, Fire, Air, Earth, Water. You have to pick one of them after cleaning the beach for the Mayor. If you want more information on them, take a look at this page I created just for this topic:

Spirit is the 5th Alignment, only obtained after defeating the Spirit Guardian. It's the 2nd to last quest in the game. It is the ultimate alignment, strong against everything and weak to nothing.

Town Guards:

DO NOT ATTACK A TOWN GUARD! They will kill you, or if you kill one, you lose all the exp you have on hand. SO DO NOT ATTACK A TOWN GUARD!


Actually, I don't really care. It is your character after all. You can do whatever you please. I just strongly advise it is all. It serves no purpose other then to screw you over(one way or another).

Stat Explanations


Strength(Str): Adds towards your life total. Also determines how much you can carry, and adds to your attack power along with Constitution. Also, you need 60 Str to lift the manhole cover in Town. Also is the requirement needed to use Axes, and Swords.


Dexterity(Dex): Adds towards your life, and fatigue totals. Determines how many attacks you can use in a round. You always start with 1, and get 2 at 10 Dex. After that, each 20 Dex gets you another attack.
So, 2 attacks = 10 Dex, 3 attacks = 30 Dex, 4 attacks = 50 Dex, and 5 attacks= 70 Dex, and so on. Also plays a major part in both the Ice and Fire Scroll formulas. Finally, you need 2000-3000 Base Dex to see Adira and Hestas' Sand Mansion. Also is the requirement needed to use Daggers, and Ranged weapons.


Constitution(Con): Adds towards your life, and fatigue totals. Also adds to your attack power with Strength. Also is the requirement needed to use Staves, and Clubs.


Wisdom(Wis): Adds to your mana, and fatigue totals. Any quests you do, require a certain amount of Wis, before you can do them. Also the higher your Wis is, the stronger your trained spells will work. Also gives you more places you can teleport to. Finally, if you're using a mage weapon, their attack power works
the same way as Strength does for any other weapon. And if you're using a Fire Scroll, it is the other half of the formula to determine damage(along with Dex). Also, if you manage to use a Rubber Duckie,
or an Attack Rabbit, this is the requirement to use them.


Intelligence(Int): Adds to your mana. Also determines where you can travel to in Shilla. Higher areas require more Int. If you were using a mage weapon, this stat would work the same as Dexterity for any other weapon. And if you're using an Ice scroll, this is the other half of the formula to determine damage (along with Dex).


Charisma(Chr): Adds to your mana. Makes prices cheaper at town shops and Trader shops(where other people send you things). If your using a mage weapon, this stat would work the same as Constitution for any other weapon. Also, the higher your Chr is, the easier it will be to get into Elven Village.


Now… on to the guide itself:

Meeting with the Mayor:

You probably got here from asking in Shilla Chat about a helpsite, or advice on just what to do. Therefore, the information will be given from that point on. But, the beginning may not have been very clear for you, the player. So I will describe things that happened when you created your character.

First, you created a name, made a password, choose a gender, race, and had the option to add 5 extra points to any stat(for a total of 30). If you forgot what the stats do, see section 4 for info.

So what now? Lets examine your character. You should have been through the Wise Mage's Tutorial. He told you where to validate yourself, how to move, how to pick up items, and how to fight. You should have also gotten a Knife from him. It's a weak weapon, but It's free, and it probably doubles your attack power(which is a good thing).

Make your way back to the fountain. If you need to, use the town map with the link provided in the above section. If your truly lost, you can click "Rescue Me!" under options. (outdated) However, you LOSE HALF YOUR GOLD and EXP ON HAND! At this level, its not so bad, but if you get to higher levels, with more Exp, and more Gold, the effect hurts more. It's mainly used in places where you can't use spells, or well… here. Use it if you need to.

Go 1 east, 1 north, and 1 east, to visit the Mayor's Office. He gives you the very 1st quest. Clean the Beach. It's vaguely worded, but what he means to say is, get 40 int(some races need 36, or 44). That allows you to visit the next area in the game, the Outskirts. If you by chance already have it from when you trained your bonus points at the beginning, just leave and come back. Then you passed. The reward is: 1 Million Experience, 2000 Gold, 5 Quest Points. Then you can skip this part, and move on to the next part.

A note on guilds:
You have to choose a guild soon (fighter, thief, or mage), because armor is guild-specific soon, and your guild will decide your weapon specialty. Fighter gets the best armor and the widest range of weapon specialty options (mace, sword, axe, spear). Thief weapon specialties are bow and dagger, which are both dex-based, so that's nice. Thief armor is not as good. But Thief and it's specialties are focused on Accuracy, which is extremely helpful in the game. Mage is very difficult and is not recommended for beginners.


If you don't have it, you're going to need to train and get it. And where do we train? The beach. It's south of town, and the map directions show you the way there. Once you're there, you put your fighting skills to use.

There are 3 types of Crabs in the Beach. There are Hermit Crabs, Crabs, and Stone Crabs. The 1st 2 are the weakest and easiest to kill, and drop Crab Legs that heal for 9 points(when you heal, it heals your life, mana, and fatigue altogether). Stone Crabs are harder, give more exp, but generally hit you right from the start, so avoid them at this moment(though with 30 Dex, you probably have a decent shot of killing them in 1-round). But keep doing this for a little while, and go back to town every 20k exp(to be safe). You can go back to the fountain, and sleep, if you need to(if you run low on life and have no Crab Legs to heal with).

When you train, it might be easier to train Str, Dex, and Con 1st, so that you can kill the Stone Crab easier. You see more of them then the other 2 types of Crabs, they give more exp, and speed up the process a little more. The stats you probably need to kill one would be about: 30 Dex, 50 Grope(Str + Con adding up to 50) and the Knife. If you don't have the Knife, add 10-15 more Grope(or ask for a Knife to be sent, but it costs gold we don't really need to spend here).

Make sure, that every time you head either to or from the beach, you stop by the bank and bank the gold you have earned. If you die, you lose whatever is not in the bank, and even though I'm writing this with the intent of you not dying, mistakes can happen, and It's just better safe then sorry.

Finally, once you get the 40 Int(that was hard earned, I'm sure), visit the Mayor's office again. He'll give you the Quest Reward mentioned already (1m exp, 2k gold, 5 QP). Congrats!


At this point, you can visit the Outskirts, that are north of town. However, 1st, you need to visit an alignment temple. (you no longer NEED to choose an alignment. There isn't really a good reason to do so, and if you aren't careful, your alignment can get you killed. There is a case to be made for staying un-aligned at this point). There are 4 different kinds of alignments in Shilla, and they are: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. They each have their own strengths, and weaknesses, relative to the monsters in the game that have their own alignment. If you want to know just about them, look at the above section on alignments. If you want to get a good start in the game, pick Fire. It's not a bad choice, and you won't run into anything you're real weak against for a long time. If you need directions, they are on the Town Map page.

After you pick your alignment, lets train the Experience you have. We want to get our Str up to 50. Dex should be at 70. Con to 50. Chr to 30. Save the rest of the exp for now. Go to the Amulet shop. Buy 2 Glowing Rings. Now go into chat, and see if someone can send you a Battle Axe. If nobody can, you may need to buy it from the shop. Though getting items sent saves you 1/3rd of the shop price, and we really want to save money here, and it shouldn't be hard for anyone paying attention to chat to get one for you. Equip the Battle Axe, and head out to the Outskirts. Our goal for now is 600k exp. You should be able to kill everything out here, and pick up the Spicey Bat Wings from the Bats. They heal for 18 points.

Once you get the 600k exp, go into town and bank the gold. Go train the exp on Dex. It should be enough for one attack. Now we should be ready to try the Sewers. Go to the manhole cover, and lift it up. We should able to do that easily with the 60 Str we have(with Glowing Rings equipped). If you don't have it, train a little more until you do.


You're attacking 2 creatures here. Sewer Rats and Warriors. Warriors are the harder of the two. If you miss twice, you'll get hit. This shouldn't happen a lot, but beware for it happening. If your life drops under 100, heal up to full life. Keep picking up the Whey Bread Warriors drop, it heals for 27. And eat up all your Bat Wings. If you need to sleep, then head to the fountain. Our goal for this area is 1 million exp. Once you get that, go train it, and bank your gold. Train your Dex to 110. If you have any leftover exp, train it on Str or Con. Right now, my stats are around 70 Str, 60 Con, 110 Dex. This should be good enough to kill Warriors and Bats a good 95% of the time. Our next goal is to get another million exp. This time, I trained 20 Int to see the next area (Vast Valley), and 10 Str and Con.

Now, It's time to go train some spells. Go to the Spell Hut, and train Teleport and Town Portal to 20. You may need more exp, so go get that in the Sewers. Also get your Wisdom to 40, and that lets you see the Outskirts Entrance Teleport. Now, the spells may fail a lot, but keep casting it until they work. Eventually Town Portal will work all the time, and Teleport will work well at level 35. That will be the next goal, back in the Sewers(again). If you want though, you can visit the Vast Valley and kill the Old Wizard until it drops a Shimmering Cloak. It's the 1st piece of armor you can wear. And some armor is better then nothing. Now Town Portal, bank your gold, and go for about 1 to 1.5 mil exp. Enough to get your Dex to 130.

Once that is done, bank your gold. Should have a moderate amount now if you haven't died. That's good. We'll keep it there for now. We'll have to go back to the Sewers yet again. I know, this place is really annoying. But we are getting close to leaving there. Right now, we are probably 2 attacks to safely kill an Old Wizard. And 1 for a Drunken Monk. So this time, we are going to train for a long time in the Sewers. I'm going to say about 3.5-4 million exp. This may seem like a lot, but we are really going to need every bit of it we can get for 2 attacks. Once you get the exp, train your Dex up to 170.

Vast Valley:

So right now, my stats are at 80 Str, 170 Dex, 70 Con, 40 Wis, 60 Int, 30 Chr. Don't worry if your Wis or Chr is too high or too low. It's mainly the Life stats we are most concerned with. The Int should be at 60 already if you got the Cloak from the Wizard. But now, It's time to go ahead and start training in the Vast Valley. We should be safe from the Drunken Monk, and should be able to get by on the Old Wizard. If you life drops below 150, heal immediately. Our exp goal is going to be 4 mil exp. Make sure to pick up the Peeza's, they heal for 45. And you may need all the food you can get. But, don't worry about the Shimmering Cloaks. They aren't worth much to sell, in fact, you're going to get more gold per monster kill then selling, so don't waste your time.

Now, with the 4 million exp, go to the spell hut and train your teleport to 35. Town Portal should be at 20 already. Now time to train, get your Wis up to 60. This should let us teleport to Vast Valley. Finally, I trained my Str and Con up to a total of 110 each. So my stats are 110 Str, 170 Dex, 110 Con, 60 Wis, 60 Int, and 30 Chr. Chr isn't a stat we want to train yet. It doesn't do anything but lower shop prices, and unless your dying a lot and need to save money this way, don't bother training it yet.

Bank your gold, and teleport to the Vast Valley. Now we are going for another 4 million exp. That should get us one attack, and also 20 Int to see the next area, the Cemetery/Druid Valley. With the leftover exp, we can go ahead and use it on Chr. I got it up to 65, and raised my Wis to 70. So, my stats now are: 110 Str, 190 Dex, 110 Con, 70 Wis, 80 Int, 65 Chr.

At this point, we can sort of train in the Cemetary. It's kind of risky. Zombies will fall with 2 misses. Everything else is 1 miss. Safe amount to train anywhere right now is 2. So back to the Vast Valley for another attack. We'll train 4 mil more exp. That gets us one attack, and if we are lucky, 10 Wisdom. That will open up the Druid Valley Teleport, which is right next to the Cemetery.


So now we can train here in the Cemetary. Sometimes you'll get hit, keep your life above 200. Our goal now is 6 mil exp. Keep picking up the Zombie Punch that drops here, and eat the Peeza's you stockpiled from the last area. You'll need to get all the food you can get, as getting hit seems to happen a lot with these stats. But the exp is better, so we are here. If you really need to, Town Portal, sleep, teleport back. Or dedicate a few fat rounds on Zombies only. They are the weakest of this creature group area, so you should never get hit by one now(or very rarely). DO NOT ATTACK A EMERALD GOLEM OR GREEN SLIME PERIOD!! YOU WILL DIE INSTANTLY!. Also, DO NOT VENTURE INTO NECROPOLIS! YOU WILL DIE INSTANTLY AS WELL!

With the 6 mil, for sure get another attack. That should take most of the exp. The rest should be split equal between Str and Con. I got my stats at: 120 Str, 230 Dex, 120 Con. At this point, I can kill Druids in 1-round(up to 3 misses), and if you went the route of Fire align, Avarials (up to 2 misses). If you wish to fight here, then go ahead and do so. Otherwise, I'd stick to Cemetery until you gather up more food from Zombies. Druids give slightly more exp, Avarials drop Dehydrated Druids, but Zombie Punch probably appears more(plus you won't get hit as much, meaning less healing). Our goal now this time is 8 mil exp.

Druid Valley:

With the 8 mil exp, get another attack. With the rest, we are going ahead and putting it all on Chr. I got it up to 125, which puts the cost of a Lightening Ring at 40k gold. If you have been training and banking like I've been telling you, you should have barely enough to get it. If so, buy one. It's 20 Dex. So my stats now are: 125 Str, 270 Dex, 120 Con, 80 Wis, 80 Int, 125 Chr. It's enough to safely 1-round a Druid and an Avarial, but not really a Kreen yet, you need another 1-2 attacks probably to kill one of them. Again, our goal is 8 mil exp.

With the next 8 mil exp, get 20 Int for 100, so we can see the Castle. That should take less then a mil exp. With the rest, we are going to train just Str and Con equally. I got my stats at: 165 Str, 270 Dex, 160 Con, 80 Wis, 100 Int, 125 Chr. Now we are going to go to the Castle, not to beat it just yet, but to get some armor, and a Blue Amulet. It's for the shopkeeper in Town. You may have seen him asking for one when you got the Lightening Ring earlier.


Teleport to the Druid Valley, and walk around the East side all the way down to the Castle. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ATTACK A GREEN SLIME!! YOU WILL DIE!! Now here, we have to kill the current monster to move spaces. So we have 6 Rookie Guards to kill on the way to Castle Guards, and ditto to see Elites. Rookie Guards take 2 rounds always, so you can just hit All-out on them, pick up the items, heal, move to next spot. Don't bother picking up extra armor, just the Cooked Meat. It heals more then Dehydrated Druids. Now to Castle Guards, same thing. Pick up the 3 pieces of armor you need, and the food, and move on to the Elite Level. Now, here we are only doing single attacks. Heal after every round to max life. Should take 4 to 5 rounds. Pick up whatever it drops, and move to the next. We need the Silver Boots, and Blue Amulet. If you see Mail, grab it, but It's the same defense as the Shim Cloak we got earlier. Once you got everything, Town Portal out.

We take the Blue Amulet to the Amulet Shop. He gives you 30 MILLION exp, and 10k gold. Bank the gold, and train our exp. I trained 2 attacks(40 Dex), 20 Wis, and the rest on Str/Con. I got it up to 210 Each. So my stats are: 215 Str, 310 Dex, 210 Con, 100 Wis, 100 Int, 125 Chr. My life is at 735, which is enough to survive all the Castle Max Hits. But, we need to make sure we have enough food to go through this whole thing, so back to the Druid Valley via Vast Valley Teleport.

Our goal simply is to get about 200-250 Dehydrated Druids. Kreens drop 3, and we can easily kill them now, so stay along the east side of the Druid Valley. Really shouldn't take too long, if you focus on just them and not Druids. If you run out of fat, sleep in town, and come back. It's not that far, and we want to keep our hard earned food. Now to teleport back to the Castle, but we can speed it up a little by teleporting to the East Cemetary Crossroads, and walking to the Castle.

I'm able to 1-round Rookie Guards, so that part is easy. Pick up the food. Move up to Castles. Easy 2-round. Maybe one if you don't miss. Pick up the food, move on. Elite Guards, same idea as before, Single Attack, heal between rounds, kill, move, repeat. Should take 3, maybe 4 rounds. Pick up the food always, here, you get 2 Cooked Meat. Double Bonus. Finally, you'll get to the top level, the Drakmor Dragons. Max hit is 715, so keep your life to full after every round. Once you get to the end, click the link to free the King. Now you get 60 MIL exp. Town Portal back. I'm going to spend this only on Dex, which got me 120 points. Now, time to have a little fun. My stats now are: 225 Str, 430 Dex, 210 Con, 100 Wis, 100 Int, 125 Chr.

After Castle:

We are going to kill the Green Slime, and Emerald Golem for the Green Pixie Dust and Green Emerald. Those are used in forges for the Eagle Talisman (amulet, +100 Dex, +50 Str), Green Bracelet(+20 Str, Dex, Wis, Chr), Green Trunk (+5 slots at Trader Jacks), and the next weapon upgrades. Namely, our goal is the Elven Bow, because it doesn't miss. So, before we try killing these monsters, we need to load up on food again. So back to Kreens. We want about 300 Dehydrated Druids. Might need more, but if we are lucky and get the drops the 1st time around, we don't need to repeat the steps. Go after the Slime 1st. He's the hardest one of the two, but if we can get his dust, then we don't need so much food the next time around.

Go to the East Cemetary Crossroad Teleport again, and walk towards the Castle. They appear on the path going North/South before the Castle. Once you see one, go ahead and start fighting. The max hit is 750, so keep your life at that point. You'll end up using 100+ Druids per kill, so if you don't get one after
2 kills, then you need more food. Once you get one, move on to the Emerald Golem.

Go to the Cemetary Crossroads Teleport, and walk west until you can go down. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GO WEST INTO NECROPOLIS! IT IS INSTANT DEATH! Go down, and east, then north to the dead end up top. That spot, and the one before it are where you can find the Emerald Golem. Same max hit, 750 life, so keep your life up. The Golem has less armor, so you'll do more damage and it'll take less rounds. I used about 60+ Dehydrated Druids, so if you run out, get 120 or so and try again. Once we got the hard earned Green Dust and Emerald, get a Peeza from the Drunken Monk in Vast Valley, buy a Wooden Shield from the Armor shop, and Throwing Daggers from the Weapon Shop. Take those to the Forge, and mix them together to get an Elven Bow. This thing is a major upgrade. Never misses, and does like 250 more points of damage per attack. You'll notice a difference quickly. Now, we need more food. Back to Kreens again. on't worry, it'll be the last time we need to be here. Pick up about 200 Druids or so. But you'll need to use your Battle Axe to kill them. Why? Your Elven Bow needs 550 Dex to use 1 fat per attack. Since we don't have it yet, it drains more. a lot more. So It's not a training weapon yet. But it will soon be after making the Talisman and Bracelet. It takes about 50-60 Druids to kill a Slime now. Get the Dust when it drops. Walk back and kill the Golem til that drops. That takes about 35-40 Druids. Get the Emerald. Now, buy a Wooden Shield from the Armor Shop, and also a Staff from the Weapon Shop. Now, we need to ask in chat to have a Pegasus Wing (P wing) sent to us. This shouldn't be too hard, It's pretty easy to get one for most people. If you don't get one sent, then you'll need to train 60 Int to get into the Mountains, kill the Park Ranger, and kill the Pegasus Scout on the Mountain Top. After you get one sent, buy it out from Trader Bob's, and head to the forge to make the Eagle Talisman. That's another 150 life more for you. You're moving on up.

And in fact, thats where this guide will end. Eventually, you will want to make a Green Bracelet, but It's a lot of work. And the reward is very little right now. It requires you to get 2 Golem Drops, 2 Slime Drops, one set for the bracelet, one set for the War Hammer needed to forge the bracelet. Plus a Hydra Flank that you'll have to either ask for, or get yourself. And the max hit is 1675 for a Hydra. And the EFS is dropped by the Dead Knight, who you may need to kill several times before you get the drop. But you want to get a second Lightening Ring, so your Dex is 550, which is what is needed to achieve 1 fat per attack with the Elven Bow.

Final Advice

How to train properly:

If you're looking for advice on how to train on your own, here is kind of a general idea. Dex needs to be your highest stat. Now, for every 3 Dex you have, you should have 2 Str and 2 Con to match that. So for 300 Dex, you want 200 Str, and Con. It doesn't have to be perfect, and there will be times you will raise your Str and Con for easy life in order to kill things, or use weapons, and thats okay. As for the bottom 3, I'll leave that up to you. They aren't as important, but will eventually need attention in their own right.

Moving from Area to Area

Eventually, you will want to move up to the next strongest area to train. First off, make sure you can survive all the hits in the area. Use Shillatime's monster pages to determine that, or use Consider. Now, attack a few, and get an estimate on how many attacks you need in order to 1-round the creature(to not get hit back). From there, go back down to the area you are training on, and get the exp needed for those attacks. If you feel your ready, go ahead and train up on the next highest area. There will be times, where you will still get hit. Just make sure you heal yourself to full life, and train enough exp for 2-3 attacks at a time. Eventually, you'll be able to train without any problems.

Also beware in places like the Volcano, and Desert, where you take damage from the elements. Desert damage mainly can creep up on you and suddenly, before you know it, you got the death screen.

Where to train next:

So, where to train? I'd avoid the Lake. If you're Fire align, It's near suicidal. Stick with Elite Guards for food, Drakmors for exp. Eventually you want to tackle the Mountain, which is probably about 12-15 attacks away. But you're making nice exp, so it shouldn't take that long. And now that you're getting decent exp, the game should progress faster, and you'll hopefully enjoy it for what you make it out to be. And with that, you don't need to call yourself a "newbie" anymore.


Hestas: For keeping Shilla running, even though you're never around. And for eventually pushing the Monster Update through.

Melkor: For turning Shilla from a joke to a great game. There probably wouldn't still be a Shilla without your ideas and effort. Also thanks for the major proofread job you did for me on this guide.

Alphablast: For making Shillatime a great helpsite. Even if we have our differences, you did a lot of good for Shilla.

Nappavas: For hosting this when nobody else could for me.

MG: For eating me all those times, making me a better person inside. You're the greatest.

The entire organization of ~MAD~ for actually representing Shilla.

TwoD: For helping me with my spam problems on the PHPBB boards. And also for the stuff you helped me with when I was in Shillatime.

All the people who hate me: Without you, I'd probably not have such a good time here.

All the people who like me: Without you, I'd just hate everybody. And still have a good time.

BP: For writing this when nobody else wanted to.

You: For reading this, and bearing with a hard to read text file.


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