News From The Staff

News from AA:

8/18/08 - VooDoo created a ring drop in honor of the Olympics, so I added that, though it's still missing some details. Added the Wedding Ring as an afterthought… go here to check them out.

Thanks goes out to Melkor, Hestas and anyone else who had a part in getting the errors cleared up. I haven't seen them poke their ugly heads up for some time.

On a side note school will start in a week so my time online will drop dramatically. Lots of things I wanted to get done didn't, but I did manage to kill the Warlock which is something. Thanks to all the people who have kept chat moving a little faster as well.


7/30/08 - Reworked the Olde Towne page created by Napp and modified by Bp so that it fit with the theme of the other pages. Added a map and the first three creatures, Gatekeeper, Mudbug, and Swamp Monster, as well. The other two creatures will have to wait until someone is high enough level to take them on. Aizen might have enough life/ms if he gets around to beating the Warlock. Props go out to Powerboss who has managed to find time to get a lot of the mage side of this game done while still "playing" in Iraq. I appreciate all the work, Pb, so many thank.

VooDoo also made an addition to Olde Towne, having the Swamp Monster drop three Marsh Mellows. The big news of the day was the release of the Warlock Chaos Ring, so check them out and drool you non-Warlock defeaters.

Tomorrow will be exactly one year since I started working on this wiki, stepping up with Bp to fill the whole left by Shillatime. During that time we have seen some changes to the game, some great (two new areas, monthly group monster, several people defeating the Warlock including me) and some annoying (the server errors). I will continue to work on the wiki as long as there is a Shilla to play. It has been a part of my life too long to just simply walk away. There are too many aspects of this game I want to explore and figure out how they work and why. I have really enjoyed the increases in chat I have seen lately and a lot of that credit goes to Always_Never, Icey, and Napp who really need to get a life. :-) Even with the problems with error messages and lag every hour at the 20 minute mark there are still people willing to show up. So if you read this, Hestas, there is a small band of dedicated shillians hoping things get fixed.


5/2/08 - Copy and pasted Bp's Newbie Guide and revamped the formate to fit the wiki. I left a link to the gamefaq version which is a lot better for printing purposes. Hope that helps those newbs that show up.

4/28/08 - Added a couple of things to the wiki, including fixing a couple of maps that had problems. The biggest change was the addition of a page that shows who sells what food. Go here to check it out, but you can also find it in the foods/Items drop down menu. A funny change came on Saturday afternoon when several of us in chat had been drinking. Being inebriated and training in the Swamp can be hazardous, so I thought I would work on the wiki. With a combined effort of four we managed to confirm the changes you can find concerning the Ice Palace. A good time was had by all.

10,000 visits! Woo Hoo!

Continue chatting!


4/20/08 - A few additions to the wiki. I managed to get April's Ice Ooze kill, which I'm pretty stoked about. Aizen did the most damage though. But mostly I wanted to write about something.

Shilla's popularity stems from many reasons, different for many people. What has held the game up to this point is the community that existed. In the early days this community was tremendously larger than it is now. Now as a realist I don't expect Shilla to reach the numbers it once had, but something must be done.

Shilla is slowly fading. The number of times I see 1, 2, or even zero people online has increased over the last two years. Part of this was the fact the Warlock was released. Once completing the game all of the "older generation" has moved on, it's hard to find motivation to continue training once there isn't any black and white reason to do so. I find it disheartening, but that is the way of things.

So I ask, no I beg, that each and every one of you who come to this helpsite and read this make an effort to connect with each other through chat. The game is only one reason why we play. As we become comrades, or even friends, it will draw other into the game for longer. If you see a name you don't recognize say "Hello, I'm (insert your character's name here). How ya doing?" I want to start seeing 5 to 7 people online and chat moving, not 5 to 7 people online and an hour between posts. Start a topic of conversation. Pick out something in the news and holler about it. If you want to get Lj going bash on hockey. Anything… but together we can make a difference.

Thanks for reading and lets see what the our generation can do to make Shilla a more energetic game.

"Never doubt that a small group of dedicated people can change the world because it is the only thing that ever has" -M. Mead

News from Bp:

Sept 21st, 2008

Nothing much to report here. Really. Shilla still isn't up. Shilla may never be up. Reality may set in eventually.

I'll miss the game, obviously, but to me, there isn't a whole lot that can be done with it. For it's time, it was an awesome game. Hell, if I ran into it today without all the history behind it, I could possibly play the hell out of it too.

But from this day forward I'm probably not even going to log in, though I'll visit it one last time if the chance is given to me. Otherwise, so long Shilla.

July 25th, 2008

I haven't worked on the helpsite again. For those who know me, they aren't surprised.

I have been intrigued by VooDoo, the newest admin, and his creation of a new area, which I will go into detail in a page later.

However, it is overshadowed by the fact Shilla at times, has become very unstable, and unplayable to be honest about this.
I understand if Hestas has no time to work on the issue at hand, but I feel Shilla players, or whatever is left, deserve better.
So I hope he can fix it, but if he has no time anymore to deal with these issues, he needs to close the game, move servers, give the game to Melkor and VooDoo for them to do what they can with it, etc…

This is in no way an attack on Hestas, as he has done a lot with the game on his own with the help of people he has acquired around him, to make Shilla probably the most enjoyable thing I've done. But sometimes you have to let things run their natural course and step aside.

I've stepped aside on this Wiki for Alyssa, and Powerboss has made some pages lately. Thanks go out to him. But yeah, I'm pretty much out of the picture for the most part. But Shilla will have a soft spot in my heart, and I'll always want it to succeed in the best way possible.

There are my 2 cents.


May 22nd, 2008

I have been thinking. About the helpsite. It is after all, mine.

I haven't worked on it in forever. I really should. It's lacking in some areas. Some areas, more so then others.

First, I like to give you an idea of how I originally wanted this to work.

The search bar. Top right corner. I wanted to have it so that if you had a question on whatever(item, quest, monster, etc…) to type it in, and bam. Instant results. However, the monster part of that, takes forever. And it's not worth it, in my opinion.

I had this really crazy idea, where I would make a complete monster table, from monsters going from weakest to strongest. In terms of how easy it was to 1-round with armor% and whatnot. But it's impossible for me to test, takes too long, and a waste of time probably. But it was cool. If it was ever done it'd be great.

People probably want a forge table. At some point, it'll get done.

The guild info probably still isn't right. At some day, I'll fix that.

When the day comes I'm satisified with all this, I'll turn it over to AA.

As for his philosophies, he's got a point. I don't visit Shilla to play Shilla. I've done that. It's turned into a chatroom of sorts for me.
I will say this though. The day Shilla dies, there will probably be a part of me inside that will die as well. Not a big part, but still one.
I'll get over it though. But yeah… enjoy Shilla for the game, the chat, whatever you find interesting about it. Games like this won't be around forever.


April 11th, 2008

I have at this time, decided, that I am not going to work on this site, until May, at the very earliest, assuming I even want to do this anymore.

My heart isn't in this anymore, and I can't really go on, since I don't have the time to put in the effort, and the fact that I've beaten the game, and it's been an entire year since that, and so, I feel like it really is time to possibly move on.

I'll take the time, and stay away from Shilla, unless it's a brief chat visit here or there, and re-evaluate my situation in May.

I'll obviously leave the site to AA, as it is in good hands with him, and to any people who want to contribute in any way to the growth of this awesome site that has grown leaps and bounds since I started this whole project in July.


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