Ocean Introduction and Getting In/There

The Ocean is an area south of the Beach that requires you to have some way of underwater breathing to enter otherwise you will instantly die by drowning. The Ocean also requires an Intelligence of 621, 690, or 759, depending on your race to enter.

Two teleport locations can aid you in entering the Ocean area. From the Middle Beach teleport location go south, west, south then double check that you have some form of underwater breathing ready. The other teleport location appears at the top of Atlantis after defeating the Water Guardian.

The Orc Outpost is in the surface level of the Ocean, while Atlantis can be found at the very end of the 5th Fathom.

Breathing Underwater

There is many accessories that a character can equip to breath underwater. Only Lizardmen have the ability to breath underwater naturally. The least expensive is the Mermaid Scale won by completing the Defeating the Mermaid Hunter quest or bought in the Dwarven Stronghold Amulet Shop. The rental items Shining Scale, Ward of Charybdis, and Mask of Watery Illusion allow underwater breathing, as do Phylactery of Breath.

As a Training Area?

Most people look forward to the Ocean area after a very long trek through the Lower Volcano. Then to their dismay they realized that the Underground River is indeed the only place to train in the Ocean area because of the Whirlpools. Because of this the Ward of Charybdis was created to eliminate the whirlpools and open this area to training. Still this rental item can only be kept for three days and then you must wait to rent it again. Because of this most train on level 7 or 8 of the Lower Volcano until they can train on River Monsters. It is then a long march through River Monsters, though not as long as it once was, until you are ready for the lower levels of the Pyramid.

Fathoms and Underground River

There are 6 levels of the ocean. You start at the Ocean Surface and go all the way down to the bottom or 5th fathom. This area is quite large, the first of many, but there is only one path down to the very bottom.

The Underground River runs from the 3rd fathom all the way up to Lake Gala. It moves only in one direction until you get to the top of the circular track. It is here that you can then travel up to Lake Gala. The Underground River is home to only River Monsters, and the best training ground found in the Ocean because of the lack of a Whirlpool.

Getting to the Underground River entrance can be down by following these directions. From the Middle Beach teleport location go South, West, South, East six times, South six times, Down three times, then West five times.


The Whirlpool is a "creature" that tends to suck a lot of fatigue from you when you attack or "swim against" it. The more weight you have, the more fat you lose and the weaker your attacks are against it. There is a rental item, called the Ward of Charybdis, that prevents you from seeing any type of Whirlpool. Dwarves and Ogres do 5% more damage against Whirlpools and characters in the process of completing the Elves vs. Orcs quest will not see any whirlpools as well.

Since fighting Whirlpools isn't a good way to train I haven't included them in the Quick Look. They don't hit as hard as the creatures who accompany them on each fathom. After many times of letting them hit me I found around 15K to be the highest (in the 5th Fathom) and around 11K on the Surface. If anyone out there wants to get a better number for max hit feel free. I have included a table of their Life amounts for those who chose to scroll them vs renting the Ward.

Quick Look

Name Align Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location
Sea Horse Water 35% 2 None 3,500,000 16,850 Surface
Jelly Fish Water 35% 4 None 3,250,000 16,050 Surface
Sea Snake Water 20% 1 Oysters 4,000,000 17,500 Surface
Sea Turtle Water 50% 4 None 2,650,000 17,450 1st Fathom
Man-o-War Water 40% 5 None 3,200,000 18,150 1st Fathom
Killer Whale Water 20% 2 2 Whale Meat 4,000,000 18,850 1st Fathom
Eel Water 20% 1 None 4,500,000 20,300 2nd Fathom
Great White Shark Water 30% 2 2 Shark Meat 4,030,000 19,500 2nd Fathom
Blue Whale Water 40% 2 2 Whale Meat 3,450,000 18,700 2nd Fathom
Octopus Water 30% 8 None 4,300,000 21,000 3rd Fathom
Hammerhead Shark Water 25% 2 2 Shark Meat 4,600,000 21,600 3rd Fathom
Large Sea Serpent Water 35% 1 None 4,000,000 20,000 3rd Fathom
River Monster Water 45% 4 None 3,750,000 23,050 Underground River
Giant Squid Water 40% 8 None 3,900,000 21,150 4th Fathom
Sea Serpent Rider Water 40% 2 None 3,870,000 21,400 4th Fathom
Sea Wolf Water 25% 4 Aqua Sapphire Tallon Gloves 4,850,000 22,250 4th Fathom
Black Fathom Water 40% 2 Aqua Sapphire Boots 3,940,000 21,600 4th Fathom
Mermaid Water 30% 2 None 4,500,000 24,250 5th Fathom
Sylph Water 40% 2 2 Nanners 4,200,000 23,450 5th Fathom
Seahorse Rider Water 30% 3 Aqua Sapphire Leggings and Neckpiece 4,300,000 22,650 5th Fathom

Whirlpool Life Table

Ocean Level Life
Surface 2,500,000
1st Fathom 2,650,000
2nd Fathom 2,850,000
3rd Fathom 3,050,000
4th Fathom 3,250,000
5th Fathom 3,450,000

All Whirlpools have 75% Scroll resistance.


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