Ogre Cave

The Ogre Cave is a side area of the Mountain. The creatures here are slightly stronger. It's a good training spot before you hit the Dark Forest and/or Deep Dark Forest/Pit

The Ogre Cave requires an Intelligence of 144, 160, or 176 depending on your race to enter.

The Ogre Cave can be reached by going though the Mountain area or by a teleport location near its entrance. You can enter the Ogre Cave from the lower section of the mines in the Dwarven Stronghold, but it's a one way trip.

The Ogres drop Ogre Pound Cake which heals for a decent amount.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Dumb Ogre None 15%/0% 1 Ogre Pound Cake 33,000 1,400
Dumber Stronger Ogre None 15%/0% 1 2 Ogre Pound Cake 35,000 1,475
Dumbest Strongest Ogre None 15%/0% 1 3 Ogre Pound Cake 37,000 1,500
Ogre-Eating Cave Spider ? ? 8 Spidersilk Equipment 85,000 1,650


Green Dot — East to Mountain and Ogre Cave Teleport location

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