Old Forest

Old Forest
(Note there are some kill to move spots in this area)

Sierra Nirvana: 3N, 10 NW, W, 3 NW, 5 W, 2 NW, N, 4NE
(Note the end of this path has Veteran and Noble Horned Ones and Brachiosaurus)

Noble, Veteran, Leader and Grandmaster Velociraptor and Old Friends.(none drop armor, so fighting them is pointless)
2N, E, follow trail

Grandmaster Brachiosaurus and Horned Ones
3N, 3NW, 3 N, All NE

Veteran, Noble, Leader, and Grandmaster Shillosaurus and Brachiosaurus
3N, 10 NW, W, 3 NW, 5 W, NE and follow path
(note to get further into the path, there is a kill to move Noble monster)

Horned One drops Dino Shields
Brachiosaurus drops Dino Necks
Velociraptor drops Dino Boxer Shorts(food)

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