Old Shilla Changes

Please read this paragraph first, before going further.

I wrote this Newbie guide in 2007 when Shilla was an older version. The game died not very long after. In 2019, Shilla was brought back to life. We started by recreating all the old stats, items, etc… to the old form. Due to coding issues, design ideas, newer concepts, etc… this guide is enough out of date that it requires a paragraph stating as such. I do not believe however, the guide needed a compete rewrite at this time. I may in the future do so but in the meantime, I have stated changes in the next section below. Please do read them as it is important. If there is anything that should be noted, please contact me in Discord, send me a message through PM, or if you know how to edit a wiki page you can do so as long as you make reference to what it is you are correcting in the notes section.

  • Menu slightly different
  • Options have changed, with the removal of "rescue me"
  • Score looks different
  • You can only run away once you have started a battle. Before, you could 'run away' and lose experience. Now, you run the risk of still being attacked in battle, but you won't lose exp if you succeed.
  • Consider is a battle simulation instead of using the static max hit and saying you will survive or not
  • All out Attack is no longer in the game.
  • When fighting in battle, there is no auto attacking after the initial round(before if you fought something, it would auto load after the first round, now you are in complete control when to attack/heal)
  • There are no player profiles, so you can not view others profiles(or cast spells on them for that matter)
  • Scrolls/Spells are tied together as attack spells
  • Items stay on the ground and accumulate for a short period of time rather then disappearing after leaving. These are visible to others, and vice versa. Read further on for an example. Items aren't visible to others anymore.
  • Alignments are in the game, but not required as before
  • Town Guards can't be attacked with WS under 200 to help newbie players
  • Dexterity is 10 dex for 1 attack, 20 after (10,30,50 is 1,2,3 and etc..)(10 Dex used to be 2 attacks, with 1 every 20 dex after)
  • Charisma does work to reduce prices, but any stat increasing items do not affect the prices(only uses base chr) Formula is base price/base chr
  • Trader Jack's is more expensive before, it now is only 20% cheaper to buy an item, as opposed to 33%.
  • In relation to Trader Jack's, there finally is a storage space where you can store items(1 N of Town). You can store 5 different items here, with +5 for each trunk you forge(Green, Black, Red) for a max of 20 slots. This is helpful to store items needed for forge combos, since most weapon combos start with a low level weapon drop, so while training in those areas stockpile those weapons to save yourself more frustration in the long run. I would also save anything that has a really low drop rate(pearl armor for example). The item storage is # of different type of items, but not total number of items, so you could store 10 Guard Swords, 1000 pieces of food, etc… and it only counts as 1 item.
  • There is no Wise Sage Tutorial, but once you meet the mayor you get 3k gold, 50k exp, and a knife
  • Once you get past the first quest, you should join a guild(before it was after Castle Quest)(Should because any armor in the game is tied to guilds, so no guild means you can not equip any armor)
  • Warriors and Drunken Monks drop a lower tier weapon that can be used
  • Town Portal doesn't exist, it's the base spell of Teleport
  • Shimmering Cloak is no longer in the game for an armor piece
  • You can not walk into Necropolis and instantly die, the game will not let you go in there unless you have previously died
  • However, the Cemetery does have a stronger creature that drops Thief armor, but this monster will kill you as it is comparable to an Elite Guard in strength
  • Castle and Elite Guards drop Tier 3 Weapons
  • Getting the Green Emerald and Green dust is good for Tier 4/5 Weapons(see forges) and Eagle Talisman, but not the Green Bracelet(the price to make it is way too high)
  • To the above point, it is possible to pick up other peoples drops. Can be useful with getting Green Emeralds and Green Pixie Dust to create an Eagle Talisman. This can be more of a time saver, since even if you forge a higher weapon with the materials, you still need the proper stats to equip items. This has been discussed as removed, so it likely is.
  • —The game has random NPC quests. Cookie Monster is a food gathering quest, and Bored Guard is a creature killing quest. Cookie Monster focuses on giving you misc items(gems, dust, compass, trunks) and Bored Guard gives armor pieces up to village. If you complete either quest, you can get a 10% exp/gold bonus that lasts 30 minutes.
  • To teleport, you need badges. To earn badges, you need to visit entire areas. For 20 gold, you can get the beach teleport badge.
  • There is a training dummy that is below the training hut. Can be helpful to identify estimated damage and/or miss rates.
  • The left side of the helpsite has videos, if you are more of a visual learner.

That should be it for changes. The gameplay is the same and so are the mechanics, so I didn't feel like it needed a massive rewrite.

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