Olde Towne

Olde Towne


Olde Towne is an area in Shilla created by VooDoo. There is no requirement to entering the area, just a payment of gold in one of two locations.

Finding and Entering Olde Towne

There are two ways to get into Olde Towne, each with their own unique price that you can attempt to haggle up and down to change. In order to find these entrances you need to kill the creature that is located on that spot. Upon doing so you'll notice the Wandering Cajun.

The first entrance is for those characters who haven't beaten the Warlock ONLY. It's found at the bottom of the Deep Dark Forest, on the very last spot, where the Baleful Swamp entrance is. The Wandering Cajun on this spot charges 1 million to hop in the fan boat.

The second entrance is where you'll want to head if you have beaten the Warlock. You'll want to head down to the Old Dock in the eastern side the Baleful Swamp. The Wandering Cajun on this spot charges 500 million for the use of his fan boat.

Inside Olde Towne

What the inside of Olde Towne depends on whether you have beaten the Warlock.

Haven't beat the Warlock?

If you haven't beat the Warlock yet, no monsters will appear for you, and there is still plenty of things for you to do here. There are various shops here to sell almost every item you can pick up in the game of Shilla. You can sell gems, dusts, amulets, bracelets, rings, food, weapons, and armor. There is also a Swampy Savings Bank so you may bank your gold before leaving the area. If you don't want to Teleport or Town Portal out of the area, you can head back to the entrance and go back to the Deep Dark Forest where you found the Wandering Cajun. If you're Spirit Aligned, you can either head to the Deep Dark Forest, or you can return to the Baleful Swamp by going west.

I've beat the Warlock!

If you have beaten the Warlock, congratulations, you will see monsters here. The creatures here are split into two different groups for training purposes. The first group you'll come across are the Mudbug, Swamp Monster, and Gatekeeper group. Then the second group you'll find is the Vaskesh, and Towne Cajun group. All of them have no elemental alignment. The 1st group is the way weaker group, but they give roughly 10-11% more exp then the Baleful Swamp creatures.

A Seller's Paradise

Olde Town was created with the idea of being able to sell EVERYTHING! Inside this area is a shop for selling Gems and Dusts, Jewelery, Armor, Weapons, even Food. As I have time I'll research these shops and add more detailed information, but at present the general thought is that the selling of Phylactery gives the best bang for your buck.

If you have any dusts in your inventory prior to the release of Olde Towne restacking them at the Stack Shop will make it so you can sell them.

There may be more developments in the area, and they will be passed on as they happen.

Quick Look

Quick Look

Name Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Experience
Gatekeeper 30%? 1 None 23,500,000 47,000 207,500,000?
Mudbug 30%? 1 None 23,700,000 48,000 205,000,000?
Swamp Monster 30%? 1 3 Marsh Mellows 23,900,000 49,000 212,000,000?
Vaskesh 35%? 1 None 23,250,000? 48,800? 220,000,000?
Towne Cajun 40%? 1 Warlock Chaos Ring 22,000,000? 50,000? 225,000,000?




S - West to Baleful Swamp and Fanboat to Deep Dark Forest

G - Gem Buyer

J - Bayou Billy's Jewelry Shop (Jewelry Buyer)

A - Bayou Billy's Armor Shop (Armor Buyer)

B - Zucchini Al-Murpo's Swampy Savings and Loan (Bank)

F - Marshy Mart (Food Buyer)

W - Olde Towne Weapon Depot (Weapon Buyer)

Green Dots - Mudbug, Gatekeeper, and Swamp Monster section

Red Dots - VasKesh and Towne Cajun section

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