Orc Outpost

Orc Outpost is the area in which the Orc's make their home, driven away by the Elves to a place they weren't willing to head, the top layer of the Ocean surface. Now, they wish death on the Elves in mass numbers.

Getting to the Orc Outpost is difficult. From the Middle Beach teleport go South, West, South, East four times, South seven times, Then East twice. The entrance will be to the North. Make sure you can breath underwater either by race or device. The second danger is the Whirlpools which can be avoided by using the rental item Ward of Charybdis, also taking care of the breathing underwater issue, or by scrolling.

The Outpost itself is dry land and doesn't require underwater breathing. Just remember to reequip.

If you want to get in… its hard to say what works. More then likely, you're going to get attacked. If you want a for sure way into here then you'll want to side with them in the Elven/Orc Quest or check with the Village Informant.

The place has the standard Bank, Courier, and Armor Shop. It has a Tent which is similar to the Tavern in Dwarven Stronghold, bar fights and all.

The Dice Game is the most interesting idea to come out Shilla, as basically its a form of gambling. A game in a game.

If you're a fighter, there is the Club Specialty Guild you can join.

Lastly the Orc Outpost is home of the most powerful of the Oozes, the Ice Crystal Ooze.



D - Gambling Hall
T - Tent or same as a Hotel
B - Bank
1 - Club Specialty Guild location
C - Courier Corp
A - Armor Shop
O - South to Ocean

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