Orc Outpost

Orc Outpost is the area in which the Orc's make their home, driven away by the Elves to a place they weren't willing to head, the top layer of the Ocean surface. Now, they wish death on the Elves in mass numbers.

Getting to the Orc Outpost can be difficult. From the Middle Beach teleport go South, West, South, East four times, South seven times, Then East twice.(this has changed, and needs to be updated) The entrance will be to the North. Make sure you can breath underwater either by race or device. The second danger is the Whirlpools, but they seldom appear so it's not difficult to reach the Outpost safely. Just use Teleport to escape the Whirlpool if you still can't defeat it.

The Outpost itself is dry land and doesn't require underwater breathing. Just remember to re-equip.

If you want to get in, just have at least 50-100 Elf kills and most likely you'll be able to get in safely.

Orc guards WILL still attack you! The max hit hasn't been researched yet, but have seen hit close to 13k You've been warned, and don't forget to heal after every hit, because the guards get initiative.

The place has the standard Bank, Courier, and Armor Shop.
It has a Tent which is similar to the Tavern in Dwarven Stronghold, bar fights and all. (currently not in the game)

The Dice Game is the most interesting idea to come out Shilla, as basically its a form of gambling. A game in a game.(currently not in the game)

If you're a Fighter, there is a one way trip to the Dwarven Stronghold where the Macemaster Specialty Guild is located.

You can also access Footface Island via a portal in the northwest corner.

Lastly the Orc Outpost is home of the most powerful of the Oozes, the Ice Crystal Ooze.(currently not in the game)


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