The Outskirts are one of the first areas a new character trains in, just after the Beach and prior to moving on to the Sewers. If you take the correct steps during character creation it is possible to skip training on the Beach and go directly to the Outskirts.

Two requirements also exist to be able to enter the Outskirts. First, the character must have gotten and completed the Clean up the Beach quest by getting the intelligence requirement for the Outskirts, 36, 40, or 44 depending on your race, then returning to the Mayor. The second requirement is that the character have received the Rescue the King quest.

The Outskirts has entrances to five different areas, counting returning to Shillatown. They are Lake Gala, Vast Valley, Maze, and Druid Valley.

The Mana Village Armor Quest activation location is also in the Outskirts.

Four creatures, some of the first created for the game of Shilla, call the Outskirts home. They are the Bat, Goblin, Gypsy, and Convict.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Bat Air 0% 1 Spicey Bat Wings 150 40
Goblin Earth 2% 1 None 175 55
Gypsy None 1% 1 None 200 75
Convict None 2% 1 None 300 90


Red Dot — South to Shillatown and Outskirts Entrance Teleport location

Blue Dot — Southeast to Lake Gala and Outskirts by Lake Gala Teleport location

Green Dot — Mana Village Armor Quest activation location

Yellow Dot — East to Vast Valley, North to Maze, and West to Druid Valley

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