Pearl Armor is a set of armor that is dropped by various creatures of Shilla. For the most part, it is easily obtainable and should just be gotten by fighting. The harder pieces are in the Sky Castle, but for what it's worth, you should get all the pieces on your own as opposed to buying them out of Trader Jack's.

Name Location Protection Used in what Weapon Combo
Pearl Horned Crown Unicorn 15 Ruby Mace
Pearl Necklace Holy Knight 15 Flaming Scimitar
Pearl Leggings Green Nymph 15 Double Ball Flail
Pearl Polished Shield Quetzalcoati 15 Silver Throwing Daggers
Pearl Plate Mail Kraken 15 Fired Stiletto
Pearl Polished Boots Tortured Criminal 15 Triumphant Jeweled Battle Axe
Pearl Gauntlets Holy Knight 15 Magi Staff

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