A Phylactery is the best amulet in Shilla, hands down. You may have noticed it gets mentioned in almost every other amulet page, and there's a reason why. It is that good.

It's dropped in Limbo, by the Limbo Keeper. The stats are random on the Keeper, but the life is generally around the 20-30 mil range. So he's not a pushover.

When you kill him, you always get a Phylactery drop. Here is an example of a drop:

You notice a Puzzling Phylactery of Sunlight.

The 1st part, Puzzling, tells you what stat it gives. The Stat Bonus is always +400 to the stat.
The 2nd part, Sunlight, is the special ability. Here are the tables below:

Phylactery can be sent via the Trinket Exchange and there is no wall score restriction to receive them. A 20K wall score restriction exists to find a Greater Resistance or Sunlight Phylactery, which leads me to believe that other types might also have a similar restriction.

Stat Name Stat Increase
Mighty Strength
Delicate Dexterity
Sturdy Constitution
Puzzling Wisdom
Exotic Intelligence
Ornate Charisma
Effect Name Effect
None Nothing
Flight Allows you to Fly.
Warmth Cuts Vast Desert cold damage in 50%.
Shielding Cuts Volcano/Vast Desert heat damage by 50%.
Moonlight Gives light equal to 1 Lightening Ring.
Lesser Resistance Reduces heat and cold damage by 50%.
Greater Resistance Reduces heat and cold damage by 80%.
Breath Allows you to swim in the Ocean and Atlantis.
Sunlight Gives light equal to 2 Lightening Rings.
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