Rescuing the Princess

The Princess Quest is the 3rd to last quest that you must do in order to beat the game of Shilla. She is being held against her will in the topmost level of the mysterious Ice Palace.

Quest Requirements

The requirements for obtaining this quest are three fold. The first is that you must have finished all the previous quests, including defeating each of the Elemental Guardians. This will also let you see the Ice Palace. The second is that the Mayor of Shillatown requires a Wisdom score of 2,000. Lastly is the Intelligence requirement of the Ice Palace itself.

Completing the Quest

As mentioned the Princess is being held in the top of the Ice Palace and is guarded by a Storm Giant. He must be defeated before the Princess rescue link is shown. Because of his low scroll resistance, 40%, most people choose to scroll this creature. Even so his large life still makes this a high power scroll to train for most people.

Quest Reward

When you defeat the Storm Giant, you get 120 Billion Experience, and 60 Quest Points.

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