Great Pyramid


The Great Pyramid is located in the south section of the Vast Desert. It requires an Intelligence of 711, 790, or 869 depending on your race to enter. It is a many leveled area with a multitude of creatures to train upon.

Finding the Pyramid

Your first trip to the Pyramid will probably be to complete the Earth Guardian portion of the Elemental Guardian quests. The first step to finding the Pyramid is to get a Compass. You may have never picked up one so that you could Treasure Hunt, but you will need one now. Kill some Green Nymph's in the Maze and get one.

The second step is to enter the Vast Desert and drink from all four Oases. Once you have done that go to the spot on the map where the Pyramid is located. There's a portal that you can click to enter the Pyramid area itself.

Entering the Pyramid (not valid anymore)

The spot that has the Pyramid can be an East and West spot or a North and South spot. Click on Consider until you get the North and South spot. Clicking North will result in one of the following happening.

  1. You will find yourself on a spot with East, West, South, and North directions. Just go North into the Pyramid.
  2. You will find yourself on a spot with only East, West, and South directions. Click on Consider until the North direction appears, then go North into the Pyramid.
  3. You will find yourself back in the Desert. You will need to the return to where the Pyramid is located.

The good news is that once you defeat the Earth Guardian you can teleport directly to the top of the Pyramid. The bad news is that it is still a major walk to the lower levels even from there. Probably easier than going through the above instructions though.

Inside the Pyramid

Starting Point

Once you enter the portal, you'll be randomly teleported to one of any 4 locations/spots in the outside perimeter of the Pyramid. They're located at the North, East, South and West sections of the area. You can enter the Pyramid from any of the spots but will end up at different spots inside the Pyramid.

If you want to enter the Pyramid from a particular section, you can just walk around the Pyramid perimeter or exit the area back to the portal and enter the portal again until you're teleported to the desired location. To exit the area, just go North, or East, or South, or West from the Northern, Eastern, Southern, or Western portal teleport locations respectively.


The Pyramid has random traps that cause damage to your character. Their frequency and amount of damage makes them nothing more than an annoyance, but can be dangerous if you still cannot 1-round the creatures there. Here is a table of the traps.

Trap Damage Amount of Max Life Location
Pit Full of Spikes 10% Every up/down spots and intersections
Ceiling Falls 3% Every up/down spots and intersections
Acid Sprays 2% All the rest of the area
Spears 1% All the rest of the area
Darts 0.5% All the rest of the area


The Pyramid is enormous and will be your training home for quite awhile. It is your stop after completing the Ocean and before heading to the cold Glacier. Depending on your alignment and guild, you will probably skip groups of creatures in this area. Moving through the Pyramid to get to training areas at the bottom is an exercise in patience, but you will soon learn patterns of movement that will get you where you need to go.

Having reached the Earth Guardian and gained the Top of the Pyramid teleport location is essential to training here. Going through all the mess above every time to get into the Pyramid would be a pain. To quickly access the lowest two floors of the pyramid, take the southeastern most down link from the pyramid top. This is a direct route to the bottom floor with no branches and a decent stretch of land on the 2nd floor for training. Other floors shouldn't be too hard to access by just wandering around.

Weapon choice also plays a factor in where you train. Click Here for the table of Creature Class vs Weapons.

Finding the CM

The teleport location for the Pyramid is at the very top, center. To get to the Cookie Monster, from teleport:
2n 2w d 2n 2w d 4e 5s 3w 4s d 2s 2w d 2s 2d 5s d 5n 5e 5n 2w

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drops Life Max Hit Location Class
Pyramid Guard Fire 25%/35% 1 Guard Snack 5,900,000 18,750 Level 1 Outer Perimeter Humanoid
Giant Cat Earth 20%/45% 2 None 6,300,000 19,400 Level 1 Outer Perimeter Animal
Behemoth Earth 30%/35% 2 None 5,500,000 17,800 Level 1 Outer Perimeter Beast
Skeleton Horde None 25%/15% 4 None 6,400,000 19,200 Level 0 and Level 1 Inner Paths Undead
Mummy None 30%/35% 1 None 6,000,000 19,850 Level 0 and Level 1 Inner Paths Undead
Banshee None 35%/35% 1 Grog 5,500,000 18,250 Level 0 and Level 1 Inner Paths Shapeless
Centaur None 30%/45% 4 None 6,100,000 20,152 Level 2 Humanoid
Genie Air 35%/65% 2 None 5,500,000 19,250 Level 2 Mythic
Cerberus Fire 25%/35% 4 Baklava 6,500,000 20,652 Level 2 Beast
Liche None 45%/55% 1 None 5,150,000 19,500 Level 2 Undead
Poltergeist None 45%/30% 1 None 5,180,000 18,000 Level 2 Undead
Werewolf Earth 25%/35% 2 None 7,000,000 21,000 Level 2 Beast
Royal Guard None 20%/15% 1 None 7,900,000 22,500 Level 3 Humanoid
Fallen Avatar Earth 20%/35% 1 Baklava 7,900,000 21,650 Level 3 Humanoid
Warrior Mage Fire 15%/40% 2 Ice Storm Scroll, Illusionary Equipment Hood, Pavise, Shoes 8,450,000 23,800 Level 3 Humanoid
Young Witch Fire 10%/35% 1 Baklava 8,100,000 23,700 Level 4 Humanoid
Green Sorceress Fire 10%/35% 2 None 7,900,000 22,850 Level 4 Humanoid
Dark Sorceress Fire 15%/40% 2 Glittering Annulet 8,400,000 24,250 Level 4 Other
High Priestess Fire 25%/30% 2 Shishkabob 8,300,000 24,150 Level 5 Humanoid
Court Magician Fire 15%/30% 2 Illusionary Equipment Gambeson, Tasset 8,500,000 24,800 Level 5 Humanoid
Mummy Wizard Fire 25%/35% 2 Feteer Bel Asaag 7,900,000 25,450 Level 5 Undead
Anubis Earth 30%/30% 1 Oracle Equipment Hat, Mittens 8,000,000 26,850 Level 6 Mythic
Horus Earth 30%/30% 1 Aqua Shellplate Equipment, Gorget, Cuirass, Shield 8,100,000 25,250 Level 6 Mythic
Isis Earth 30%/30% 1 Oracle Equipment Slacks, Slippers 7,900,000 25,850 Level 6 Mythic
Thoth Earth 40%/35% 1 None 6,900,000 27,250 Level 6 Mythic
Earth Guardian Earth 50%/50% 2 None Varies Varies Level 7/Top Other


Pyramid Base


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Top Level

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