Naked Grope To The King

Once upon a time there were two characters, Silenus and BeccatheOgre. They raced to see who could rescue King Drakmore first… BeccatheOgre was a clear and decisive winner.

The contest will be "Naked Grope to the King". The rules are as followed.


To start, you must declare your entry into the contest by posting in chat some sort of declaration that you have entered. Leper status(untrained character) would be ideal, but not required to be that.

1) You must fight barehanded at all times. This is a groping(fists) contest, so no attack spells or weaponry is allowed.
2) No armor can be worn at any time. This includes the bonus piece of leather armor by the Crab Lord. You can not buy or pick up any armor drops to equip on ones body.
3) No jewelry besides 1 glowing ring for light in the Sewers. If you have that ability, cool. You can still wear one glowing ring.
There can not be any Amulet of the Apprentice for easy Wisdom gain, no Lightening Rings, No Eagle Tailsman's, nothing.
4) You can not eat any food at all. This ties into:
5) Only spell you can have is teleport. You can rest at the fountain and teleport to your training areas, but the only way to recover yourself is at the fountain.
6) You can not use help from another character to get through this. Rules 1-4 lend to this not being an issue, but you are on your own on doing this.
7) Any race is allowed. Pick whatever is the best race to win this race.
8) All game play rules are to be followed at all times.
9) You can not use Bored Guard or Cookie Monster as the completion bonus has been ruled a possible unfair advantage in regards to the other players. You can do any other quests which mainly include the Blue Amulet quest in the Castle, and 1 or 2 Guild Quests(Thief/Fighter)
10) Any items can be picked up and sold for gold. Any badges you can afford to buy, can be used in the competition. Some are required to teleport to places, while others can give exp and gold boosts. Since everyone is able to purchase these, this is allowed.
11) Any death in this does not disqualify you from continuing.
To summarize in a nutshell. You are going to need to 1-round the entire areas up to the Drakmor Dragons. You can not properly heal between battles with food or spells, so 1-hit killing is the way to go forward.

You must train your Wisdom and Intelligence to see the areas needed and teleport to and from them.

Charisma is a non-issue for this round.

Please have respect for the contest and follow all the rules. This is optional, nobody has to do it. If you do though, we are trusting everyone follows the honor system in participation.

Screenshot of your proficiency levels should only show 2 things: Critical hits and Fists. This will help determine the winner as well.

The time Frame starts at April 15th at 5pm PST until we have a winner.

Participants in the order of finishing (main character in parenthesis)

BoredDude5 ( - 1st
BeccaTheNakedGroper (BeccaNotInABox) - 2nd
Shelob (Alyssa_Aarilax) - 3rd
ThanksfortheSatanRate (DrSatan316) - Did not finish
???? (Insomnia) - Did not finish

Bragging Rights Achievements

1st person to 1000 kills - Beccathenakedgroper
Last person awake on Friday, April 15th - Intentionally left blank because of time zone differences
1st person to grind 1 million experience - Shelob
1st person to get a Tier 2 weapon drop in the Sewer -Beccathenakedgroper
1st person to kill a Mimic in honor of AA - Beccathenakedgroper
1st person to get a Tier 2 weapon drop Vast Valley - Beccathenakedgroper
1st person to 2500 kills - Shelob
Last person awake on Saturday, April 16th -Intentionally left blank because of time zone differences
1st person to grind 5 million experience -Shelob
1st person to brave the Rooted Evil and kill 200 total creatures in the Cemetery - BoredDude5
1st person to 5000 kills - Beccathenakedgroper
Last person awake on Sunday, April 16th - Intentionally left blank because of time zone differences
1st person to 1rnd a Druid -BoredDude5
1st person to 7500 kills - Shelob
1st person to grind 10 million experience - BoredDude5
1st person to grind 15 million experience - BoredDude5
1st person to 1rnd a Kreen -BoredDude5
1st person to 10000 kills - Shelob
1st person to 1rnd a Rookie Guard -Shelob
1st person to get a Tier 3 weapon drop in the Castle -BoredDude5
1st person to 1rnd a Castle Guard -BoredDude5
1st person to grind 20 million experience -BoredDude5
1st person to 15000 kills - Shelob
1st person to finish the Blue Amulet Quest in the Jewelry shop - BoredDude5
1st person to 1rnd an Elite Guard - BoredDude5
1st person to 1rnd a Drakmor Dragon - BoredDude5
1st person to grind 25 million experience -BoredDude5
1st person to rescue King Drakmor - BoredDude5


Something to strive for that isn't based on beating other players - Turns out death was all too common.

Stone - 1 rounding a Stone Crab on the Beach with no deaths - All Participants
Lead - 1 rounding Convict in the Outskirts with no deaths - All Participants
Pearl - 1 rounding Old Wizard in the Vast Valley with no deaths - No Participants
Bronze - 1 rounding a Nightstalker in the Cemetery with no deaths - No Participants
Silver - 1 rounding a Kreen in the Cemetery with no deaths - No Participants
Gold - 1 rounding an Elite Guard in Drakmor Castle with no deaths - No Participants
Platinum - Rescuing King Drakmor with no deaths - No Participants

Narrative and Results

The contest rules were a result of the brainstorming of many people. Bp later edited and refined them as the start of the contest approached. He was dubbed “Contest Commissioner” as an arbitrator, if necessary, should anything arise.

Day 1 - Friday, April 15th, 2022

The contest started promptly at 5 pm pacific time with Shelob, BeccaTheNakedGroper, and ThanksfortheSatanrate flying out of the fountain to talk to the Mayor. BoredDude5 started shortly thereafter, but when the initial experience bump from completing the “Clear the Beach” quest was used up the contestants found that training on the Beach was still necessary. They quickly congregated at the Crab Lord for the experience boost. BeccaTheNakedGroper was the first to die, accidently attacking a Town Guard while training in the Outskirts too close to Shillatown. This foe would claim the most lives at six, with Elite Guards causing three deaths. Overall, the contestants would die twelve times, but with recovery only at most getting a new glow ring, death was more of an annoyance than anything. The contestants grinded for around 7 hours before the last of them disappeared for the night. BoredDude5, who resides in Singapore, was able to start his contest run in his morning and had a time zone advantage. This faded as he went to bed and the rest of the contestants woke up Saturday morning and grinded away their first full day.

Day 2 - Saturday, April 16th, 2022

Saturday evening pacific time found BoredDude5 having just reached the Druid Valley, BeccaTheNakedGroper carefully training in the Cemetery, and Shelob overtraining the Vast Valley to avoid the Cemetery. By the time Saturday ended on the west coast all would have entered the Druid Valley.
Lord Buggy popped into chat and gave everyone an Easter bonus and raised the exp bonus from 50% more to 100% more on the overnight hours of Sat PM/Sun AM Pacific time. While Bp objected because now it gave BoredDude5 more of an advantage because he was awake of the beginning of the bonus and everyone else was asleep, in the end it helped everyone complete this contest on Sunday.

Day 3 - Sunday, April 17th, 2022

Sunday morning dawned clear and bright on the west coast and found BoredDude5 closing in on the Castle and claiming bragging right after bragging right. Shelob managed to snag 1 rounding a Rookie Guard due to the technicality of BoredDude5 having not taken the time to check to see if his character could. By now it was clearly apparent he would be the winner and he proved so by around 11:30 am pacific time when he was the first to rescue the king.
The battle for second was then down to BeccaTheNakedGroper and Shelob. They slugged it out in the Castle, edging closer and closer the consistently 1 rounding Elite Guard, when around 5:30 pm pacific time she changed strategies and tried her luck against the drakmor dragons. She found her character facing the last dragon with only 61 points of life remaining, and summoning all her courage pressed Single Attack. Miraculously she 1 rounded the dragon and stepped forward to rescue the king.
Shelob cheered her accomplishment and grinded for another three hours before trying the same tactic. At this point his character had the life to survive two hits from the dragons, meaning he only needed 1 round the first two. To do that feat his character had to miss less than four times. At around 8:30 pm pacific time he performed his own miracle by doing just that against the first two dragons, and was able to two hit the last two to rescue the king.

It was an amazing accomplishment of all three players who completed this daunting challenge.

And now for some stats:

  • Total Time played by all participants: 150 hours
  • Quickest time to complete: 41 hours
  • Slowest time to complete: 51 hours
  • Total Deaths by all participants: 12
  • Total Wall Score achieved by all participants: 5,581
  • Total Kills by all participants: 54,718
  • Creature Most Killed by all participants: Druid at 9,573 kills
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