Raiding Kobolds Quest

The Raiding Kobold quest is a one of the quests received from the Town Guard when moving around town. After obtaining the required 5,500 wall score you will be asked by the guard to go to the hotel where someone is waiting for you. Once you have accepted the quest you go to one gate at a time, starting with the entrance to the Outskirts (North Gate), and begin killing Raiders. I also remember there being a lag from the time I got to the gate until the start of the quest, so keep walking back and forth for a bit. The locations of Raiders is the first couple spots in the town so don't worry about moving back and forth.

The number of kills you need to do at each of the four entrances of Shillatown is based on two factors: a minimum number of kills and a time limit. Basically keep killing Raiders until the Captain of the Guards tells you you're done.

The Raiders themselves hit for about the same amount as Black Dragons, perhaps just a little lower. Being one of those "once in the game" occurrences it makes researching them harder. If you happen to be reading this before you begin the quest keep track of how much they hit for and let me know via the forum or through Shilla's chat.

Reward: 5% Discount at the Town Trader Bob & Jacks and 20 Quest Points.

Note If you haven't done the either this quest or the Elf vs. Orc Quest and have the required 750 Int for that quest it is random which of the two quests you will get first from the guard as you move around Shillatown.

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