Reaper's Walkway

The Reaper's Walkway is a hallway that branches off of the Dungeon and not really a separate area. You should find yourself training there just prior to entering the Druid Keep, or can just skip this area to directly train at the Druid Keep.

The Reaper's Walkway is a dark area of Shilla. Some sort of equipment or bard song, that produces light is needed to see, unless you are a race that has Nightvision.

Like numerous other areas the Reaper's Walkway requires defeating the currently faced creature prior to moving.

The Reaper's Walkway is home of Reapers and the Death Reaper. The later needs to be defeated to complete the Death Reaper quest given to the character from the guard stationed at the Sewers entrance.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Reaper Earth 15%/15% 1 None 250,000 4,550
Death Reaper Earth 25%/15% 1 None 250,000 4,750
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