Red Ruby Armor

Ruby Armor is the first of two sets of armor that remain unobtainable to a character until a time when wearing Village Armor would be preferred. Because of the reasonable prices of a set of Ruby armor some people choose to buy it through Trader Jack's.

Name Location Protection Used in what Weapon Combo
Red Ruby Studded Helm Demon Guard 18 Blackened Staff
Red Ruby Neckpiece Hatchling Dragon 18 Claymore
Red Ruby Leggings Hippogriff 18 Flanged Mace
Red Ruby Studded Shield Adult Red Dragon 18 Bow of the Equinox
Red Ruby Mail Elder Red Dragon 18 Fired Stiletto
Red Ruby Slippers Green Dragon 18 Ultimate Jeweled Battle Axe
Red Ruby Gauntlets Young Red Dragon 18 Rod of Destiny

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