Rental Shop

The rental shop is a place in Shilla where you can rent unique items. In order to rent something, you must have enough money to place a rental deposit, and then whatever the cost is for a day. The daily costs of all rental items are determined by your Charisma. Higher Charisma means lower costs.

You can rent any item up to 3 days, and then after that, you must wait another 3 days to rent the same item. If you lose the item by death or accidentally discarding it, you can admit to losing it, and start the penalty early, or get jumped by the rental shop's goons. Either way, you can't rent any item for 7 days.

And if you don't even bother to return an item and not log in for 10 days past its due date, it's repossessed and you can never rent from the rental shop again.

Note: The items highlighted in Red are currently not available in new Shilla.

Item Deposit Wall Score1 Description
Lighted Helm 637500 13000- Helps find treasure from Mining
Helm of Seeing 2169744 3600+ Gives 4% chance of a Critical Hit
Divining Rod 1404602 23500- Helps find treasure from Treasure Hunting
Blazing Shield 91120 16300- 25% chance of creature missing
3 Moon Pendant 6688650 14000+(?) Increases chances of finding own race Mythril
Enchanted Knapsack 2762500 4300+ Increases weight capacity by 25%
Golden Gauntlets 792216 5500- Increases gold drops by 25%
Shining Scale 2762500 11000+ +50 Strength and Intelligence, and allows one to swim in Ocean
Winged Sandals 1487058 3600+ +200 Dexterity and allows player to fly in Clouds
Dragonsbane 351900 4800+ Weapon that does 2500 more damage to dragons than any other creature. Has a Strength requirement of approximately 1850 to be used without FAT penalty.
Draining Ring 24869567 30000- Drains 2-4% of creature's life before a fight then restores value up to 10% of your max life
Ring of Luck 2762500 4300+ Increases drop rates
Ward of Charybdis 4526250 10500+ Prevents Whirlpools and allows you to swim underwater
Mask of Watery Illusion 74766000 21000+ Allows you to see true Atlantis directions
Polished Monocle 792965 9250- Reduces miss rate by 15% of base miss rate

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