Here are the Rings that you can get in Shilla. Click on their name for more detailed information, such as how to obtain the Ring.

Standard Rings

Name Bonuses Additional Abilities
Glowing Ring +5 Str Nightvision
Ring of Bone +25 Int None
Lightening Ring +20 Dex Nightvision
Green Ring +25 Str and +40 Dex None
Ruby Ring +40 Dex Reduces heat damage in Volcano by 80%
Frozen Ring +60 Dex None
Engagement Ring +10 Dex and +500 Chr None
Ice Ring +150 Dex and +300 Con None
Groping Carnage Ring +300 Str and +300 Con None
Nightmist Ring +90 Wis and +60 Int None
Ring of the White Mage +350 Wis, +100 Int, and +150 Chr +10% to Restorative Spells
Ring of the Black Mage +100 Wis, +250 Int, and +150 Chr +10% to Attack Spells
Ring of Neutrality +350 Wis and +350 Int +10% to Teleport Spell
Invisibility Ring See detailed information Invisible
Warlock Chaos Ring +400 Str, +400 Con, and +500 Dex Must have defeated Warlock

Special Occasion Rings

Name Bonuses ~ Additional Notes
Olympian Ring +20 Chr Temporary Olympics Drop
Wedding Ring + 10 Dex +500 Chr Given to Adira by Hestas
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