Rough Island

Rough Island is an area that is accessible from the Open Sea, going SW from the coordinates (-55,55), and by crossing the Rough Sea. The easiest access is by using the portal in New Shilla after you have defeated the Warlock.

A Cookie Monster lives on Rough Island.

You will find Mega Turtles and Giant Sloths group near the Dock, Beached Sharks and Giant Sloths group near the New Shilla entrance, and N of the Jungle entrance you will find the Komodo Dragon and Beached Shark group.

Monster Stats:(rough guide, please use caution and consider when making decisions)

Name Align Armor Resist Attacks Drops Life Max Hit
Mega Turtle Water 41-53% 35% 2 Giant Turtle Egg 28000000 55,626 - 58,334
Giant Sloth Earth 41-53% 22-35% 2 27000000 55,626 - 58,334
Beached Shark Water 53% 22% 2 Forge Armor 25000000 58334
Komodo Dragon Fire 41% 22% 1 26000000 55626

All monsters have an equal chance of dropping the return scroll to the island, though they are rare. Equally rare are the Forge Armor that will help a player narrow down the ingredients in Tier 19 and 20 weapons.


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