Rough Island

Rough Island is an area that is accessible from the Open Sea, going SW from the coordinates (-55,55).

It is believed to be accessible by anyone with a boat and a Sextant, but the first known documentation is from a NPC in Old Towne who gives a general direction to the area. I had beaten the Warlock when this was announced, so more research may be needed to the NPC.

The sea can be explored, but be careful. There are reefs along the edges of the coastline that do damage your boat. As there is no repair area in this section of the game, be careful. You don't want to lose your boat over some bad directions.

Best directions to take to the land area: 5 SW, SE, S, SW, W to dock your boat.

In this area and future areas in this island there are Scrolls that can be used to teleport back to the area without the need to sail back out. They are rare, but you should be able to find some if you are training in the area.

You will find Mega Turtles and Giant Sloths near the entrance, Beached Sharks and Giant Sloths in the SE corner of the island, and N of the Jungle Entrance you will find the Comodo Dragon and the Beached Shark.

Map will come at some point.

Monster Stats:(rough guide, please use caution and consider when making decisions)

Name Align Armor Resist Attacks Drops Life Max Hit
Mega Turtle Water 41-53% 35% 2 Giant Turtle Egg 28000000 55,626 - 58,334
Giant Sloth Earth 41-53% 22-35% 2 27000000 55,626 - 58,334
Beached Shark Water 53% 22% 2 25000000 58334
Comodo Dragon Fire 41% 22% 1 26000000 55626

All monsters have an equal chance of dropping the return scroll to the island.

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