Runes are items in the game that can be used to enchant weaponry with the power of alignment. There are 5 runes in the game: Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit.

Each of these can be found by any creature of the same alignment. For example, if you are fighting a creature with Air alignment, there is a chance it will drop an Air Rune.

There are 4 boss creatures in the game that can drop runes as well. Not enough information is known on the bosses, as they are researched they will be updated.

Finally, to enchant a weapon with a Rune, you need to be the current alignment in game. If you want to enchant an Earth rune into a weapon, you need to be Earth alignment yourself. When you have met the requirements, visit the appropriate shrine in town to upgrade your weapon. The gold cost of adding an alignment to a weapon is the weapons value divided by your characters base wisdom. The gold has to be on hand as well and weapon has to be unequipped.

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