Sand Mansion

Sand Mansion

The Sand Mansion is an area that isn't part of the Shilla storyline. It was created as a tribute to Hestas and Adira and has some of the most interesting layout of any of the areas found in the world of Shilla.

Getting There and Getting In

The Sand Mansion entrance is located at the northeastern corner of the Beach. The quickest way is to simply use the Middle Beach teleport location, but walking there isn't out of the question either.

The Sand Mansion doesn't have an Intelligence requirement like the rest of the areas, but a Dexterity of 1,536 is required to enter. This dexterity score is your "base" dexterity, the number you would see without any armor or accessory bonus or the number you see when you are at the Training Hut. Once your character reaches a max "base" dexterity of 3,072 they are not allowed entry into the Sand Mansion and must use the "turn yourself into a frog" technique by attacking a Beach creature. If your modified Dex is over the threshhold, but you base isn't you will need to remove dex increasing equipment to go below the 3,072 level.


Six creatures are located in this area. They are the Starfish, Dolphin, Maiden, Butler, Chef, and Jester. The Starfish can be found on the outer path that surrounds the mansion itself, while the Dolphin resides in the swimming pool on the main floor. See map for those locations.


Most use the Sand Mansion as a diversion from the seemingly endless number of White Dragon's or Black Dragon's you must kill to move on to the Sky Castle. You can look at Spiderman's Training Progression Guide to see exactly where each section of the Sand Mansion fits into the world of Shilla training-wise.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location
Starfish Water 12%/10% 2 None 350,000 1,500 Outer Path
Dolphin Water 22%/17% 1 None 500,000 1,800 Swimming Pool
Maiden None 15%/12% 1 None 400,000 1,500 Mansion
Butler None 16%/13% 1 None 425,000 1,525 Mansion
Chef None 17%/14% 1 None 450,000 1,550 Mansion
Jester None 18%/15% 1 None 475,000 1,600 Mansion



Yellow Spots — Outer Path
Blue Spots — Swimming Pool
W — West to Beach
1 — Down to 2 and Up to 3
2 — Up to 1
3 — Down to 1
4 — Down to 5
5 — Up to 4
E — East to "Secret Entrance"

B — Butler's Quarters (Butler's Location at night)
C — Chef's Quarters (Chef's Location at night)
M — Maid's Quarters (Maid's Location at night)
J — Jester's Quarters (Jester's Location at night)
H — Hot Tub Location
D — Bar Locations
P — Swimming Pool Locations
S — No South movement, only North to these spots
N — No North Movement, only South to these spots

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