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8-7-07 Update #9

Glad to see that interest in this wiki is starting to grow. Welcome, Ann and Wizard. I finished adding a "by the area sort" of creatures. After I finished it I thought that it was probably a waste of time. But time I still have to waste. I did learn how to do columns on a page and am beginning to understand how to embed code. Before I left for the day I did an example of a creature page so that everyone can see my thinking. Not that you have to follow suit, but here it is Adult Red Dragon. This creature was not included in any quests/guilds, but I thought that would have been something I would have mentioned as well.


8-4-07 Update #8

Really isn't an update, but since this page as turned into a here's what I've done, what do you want me to do board… here's what we should do:

Each creature should say: Where its Located, What it drops(and drop%), Life Value, Armor/Magic/Scroll Resist, Exp and Gold averages. Just take whats off of Shillatime, don't bother re-researching anything with this retarded lag going around.

Maybe we can upload the picture… dunno where to exactly host it. Could use Shillatime's link I suppose, but would rather not.

If you want to use Shillatime's stats, I suppose we can. I'm not sure everything is accurate, we'll have to go by a case by case analysis if something looks really off.

I won't be home Sat or Sun, and Mon-Sun I'm at work… so my time may be limited at this. But I'll try and get some stuff done on whatever free time I feel like using.


8-3-07 Update #7

Rolling right along… Got the Beastinary set up and reset the Weapon's Page link back from a scroll down to just a link. Looks like I'm leaning more towards the "type happy" side on the creature list. That led to me thinking what should be on the Side Bar and what should be on the Top Bar. That debate may rage on a little, but I figured it doesn't need to be on both. :-) Now… What info should be included in a page about a creature?

Moce mada,

8-2-07 Update #6

This is getting kind of cluttered to hell. I cut out most of the history and made a page just for site history. I suppose we can just use this to communicate with each other and any 3rd party wanting to contribute for the time being.

The weapon list… wow. That drops down way too much I think. I wasn't expecting it to be used that way. But then I wrote it with the type happy idea of including everything. Think we mutually agreed to part with that idea.

Thanks for the help =)

8-2-07 Update #5

Finished up the Weapons Page and added them to the Top Bar lists. Added the Money and Newbie guides to the Top Bar as well. Haven't decided if I want to plow away at Areas or work on an Armor page yet. I'll see what kind of mood I'm in later.


8-2-07 Update #4

Wrote up a Money Guide for those interested. Eventually I'll write up more guides for like alignment, quest, and anything else that comes to my mind. Edited the Top Bar to show the food, weapons, and guides pages.

Started to become more interested in taking this where ever it leads. I think its because Alyssa is helping me. His ideas and the way he wants to do things are different, but this site could break things down in so many ways and so many variations so that there really isn't a wrong way to write this.

I'm still hoping more people become interested in this and sign up to edit. If I can get about 8 people picking around here and there, I think it'd work out great. This is after all Your Shilla Helpsite. You can control what goes on here.


8-1-07 Update #3

Finished transferring/editing all the old wiki pages into this wiki. Missing some info on the Ranger specialty quest #9 if anyone knows it. Started changed the various food links in the P to Z group. I have found that copy/pasting "food-p-to-z | " in between the [[[ and the name of the food works best. This leaves the link as the food name and points it towards the food page.

On a side note the real Alyssa turns the big 3 today. Happy Birthday, Little Angel!


7-31-07 Update #2

Got the Food pages up. You'll find all the foods listed in alphabetical order, how much they heal for, and where they can be located. It should be noted that when you click on a Food link throughout this wiki it will take you to the page that has that food and not a separate page just for that food. We're ambitious, but not type-crazy. Thanks to BP for letting me be a part of this project.


(Edit: I was going to be type-crazy, but its all of Shilla's site. So if you all are happy with his way, sweet.. if not, change it yourself ;)
Click the Join link if you want to join the team. And thanks to Alyssa for being the 1st to volunteer.

7-22-07 Update #1

Moved all the old weapon pages from the old site to the new site, and edited code to properly display what I wanted to display. If you want to take a look, this is the weapons page.

If you see any mistakes, bad grammar, etc… send me a message in Shilla pointing out any errors.
I'm sure I have made a few.

In the future I may open up editing for everyone, but, until I get more things done and understand this site to perfection(making sure I can restore backups in case of a spam attack or etc…) it'll just be me editing.


7-20-07 Welcome

Welcome to the Shilla Wiki Helpsite. This is a site designed to be like Wikipedia, for example. Easy to use, and easy to read. There is a search button and a Alphabetical list of every page I am going to put on here, so if your looking for something like a Green Ring, that you can find it by typing in Green Ring.

The old site I had used had a 50 page limit. This as far as I know, has no limit. And if it does… then I guess I will be making the best of it somehow. So in the next couple days, I'll transfer the information back over to here. Once I do that, I should have a good understanding of the Wiki Code Structure, and hopefully speed through the rest of these pages.

I would like to thank Alpha, TwoD, Kalfir, and anyone else who made Shillatime what it is today. And also whatever programs were used in those efforts. Without all of your help, I wouldn't be making this. So thank you.

And on a personal note, once this is done, I'm pretty sure I'm not going back to Shilla for a long while. I've done everything I can possibly do there, and I need to move on for the most part. But at the same time, I've played this game for several years, and I would like to give back to the game, like some other veterans have done. So I will make this as close to perfect as possible, and leave the control with the people up in ~MAD~.

Have fun, and enjoy.

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