Site History 2

8-20-07 Update #17

Added the general Golem and Slime and Armor pages. Golems and slimes have also been added to the Area grouping on the Beastinary page, along with a link to the general Golem and Slime page. The more specific armor pages for leather, chain, shimmering cloak and silver chain are also roughed out. Big thanks to TWOD for what he did. It looks great.


8-19-07 Update #16

Added some quick descriptions to places in Town, thought it looked a bit empty.
Hope you don't mind me helping out now and then hehe. ;)
BP, I grant you permission to use the calculator on this site, but I don't know about Alpha. I could ask him if you want.

8-17-07 Update #15

Finished all the creatures up to and including Drakmor Castle, except the Golem and Slime. I think they should have their own page and will work on that when I return. After that I was thinking the Armor page, then finishing all the blurbs for Shillatown, then a Race Ability page. On the last I was thinking how were they determined (validity) and should they be checked (accuracy)? Then I thought what a colossal pain it would be to check them and then I finally managed to get to sleep. I'm off to spend the weekend at a lake with the clan, so have a good one.


8-16-07 Update #14

Added a Quick Directions Page for Shillatown. Made the line of text red as well, so hopefully it stands out a little more. I'll be gone starting tomorrow, but will see you fine folk on Monday.


8-15-07 Update #13

Figured out how to put webpages inside these Wiki Pages. So at Napp's request, I'm using his World Map. I changed the link html to our Wiki Links… but not all of them are 100% correct(mainly cause we don't have all the links yet). Once we get page names down, I can go back and fix it.
Also took my Price Calculator and pasted that down. I'll ask TwoD for permission tomorrow.
Still working on Amulets, did all those, and working on Rings/Bracelets.


Edit: Didn't think posting a whole new update was needed. Finished maps/areas up to and including Drakmor Castle. Working on getting those creatures done now.


8-14-07 Update #12

Finished Vast Valley and realized that I had been using the page named "Vast Desert"… after a quick name change and adding of Vast Valley to the Area scroll down list, it was done. Had an mind frame change while doing this area as well. I'm thinking that I will concentrate on getting all facets of information up to and including Drakmor Castle done first. This will go along with Bp's Newbie guide and the fact that I am seeing newbies being sent here more often. I know that makes Bp glad, but I'm pleased as well. It makes me think that what we are doing has value. I've already found a discrepancy in the Dungeon map on Shillatime and have researched the changes to Drunken Dwarves and a drop rate that was missing on the Dungeon Guard. Nice job on the Dwarf quest page, Bp, btw. I'm glad that Melk added the restriction about being Spirit aligned, gives me something else to look forward to.


8-12-07 Not really an update…

Cut out and moved some updates to the Site History. Some quests were added today into Shilla. Click the Dwarven Fetch Quest link to find out more. Thanks Ann and AA for doing the updating on the site. Looks great =)


8-11-07 Update #11

Have gotten a good start on the "D" creatures, then got bored and completed the Beach page. Still have a lot of holes on the Shillatown page that I'll get to eventually. Also need to check the info on the village guards.


8-9-07 Update #10

Thanks to a resurfaced Annwynn, we managed to get most of the creatures from A to C done. I have also started working on an area page. Picked a couple of easy ones, the Sewers and Drakmor Castle. Started a Photobucket account, which was pretty easy. So that is a possibility for uploaded creature pictures if that is something we want to add. I'll keep picking away at the area page, though my artistic skills aren't much. If you can take a look at the code, Bp, and show me how to get the legend to line up better with the text that would be great. I just copied and pasted the code from one of the wikidot help pages.

Edit: I think, other than working with codes that I don't know much about, is remembering how I spelled things. Stupid things like adding an "s" onto sewer rat will point the link to a different page. I didn't catch "Drakmore Castle" soon enough to spell it correctly as "Drakmor Castle". Maybe I'll go in and rename those pages later. Right now its easer to just put "drakmore-castle | Drakmore Castle". I'm pretty tired. Cut wood all morning and have babysitting duties so my brain is a little scattered to begin with. Hence the ramble…


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