Site History 3

10-31-07 Update #22

Managed to get a computer for a few hours to work on some things. AA has still been working on bits and pieces of the Wiki while being sick. I hope he gets well soon. Anyway, I wrote up more links for the quest pages, and also added an Alignment Guide/Guardian Guide. It's not complete, was actually a rough draft for a different guide I had planned, but something is better then nothing.
My Comp is going into a tech shop for repair since my fan idea went good but other things went bad so its easier to let pros handle it. Hoping that by Friday/Saturday it's all good to go. I know I have tons of work to do so I won't be leaving soon but hopefully my love for Rap Music, Hip Hop, and my Eternal love for Mina gets me through this rough time in my life. ;)


10-29-07 Update #21(ish)

Massive head cold kept me home for work so I thought I would pick at the wiki a little. Finished maps and areas up to Dark Forest. Not much more than straightening up after Bp has laid the groundwork. Going to train Silenus up a little and start working on numbers for the Inner Maze. That no spell thing makes gathering data a pain. I did post my Mana Warrior Guide and put a link to the the Quest page in the Top Bar under "Guides". I don't think that it will be the final home for the quest page, since I plan something a little more detailed for those.

I'm not worried about Bp disappearing anytime soon… we have a lot of work to do around here still. Thanks to Spiderman for pitching in as well.


9-21-07 Update #20

Not a whole lot to mention… in fact I don't even know what to mention. Spiderman let me use his data for a creature data chart for experience and gold. If you would like to contribute to this further, just kill 100 creatures in an area, add up the exp/gold, get an average, and send the numbers.

I did the rest of the area maps/descriptions. I used my old area text maps until AA can find time in his crazy teacher life to make some other ones up. Some kinda drag out long, but they work pretty well for this type of deal, which is straight text.

Added a page counter… mainly to judge how many people use this site. I'm hoping the more I work on it, the more the site gets visited. I know it's a hard road to be the site for information… but with the motivation I got, along with others help along the way.. It'll be done.

Also would like to mention there are bound to be errors on some of the things I'm typing up. I'm aiming for content now and clarity at the end. If you spot some… mainly looking at page links for errors… let me know. I'll hit them at the end.

Thanks to TwoD, Ann, Spider, and AA for working on it with me and Nappa and Broneh for signing up. Much appreciated.


9-3-07 Update #19

BP has been busy as you can see in the recent changes. After a few trials and errors I managed to get the gray top bar looking decent. That's all that will fit in there, so we'll have to explore what should and shouldn't be there. I also went through the Shillatown page and added links back. I hate using the back button. My latest journey of teaching begins tomorrow, so if you thought I was scarce just wait. I'll keep picking here and there on the weekends.


8-21-07 Update #18

Thought that because the wiki has reached a points where it's getting complicated and a welcome page wouldn't be an unwarranted change. Please read through and change anything you think doesn't work or isn't clear.

Later Edit: While brainstorming with Nappavas about the armor page we came up with a progression/guide-like idea. I have added the Beginner page and figure that Pearl through Aqua could be considered Intermediate, Race - Advanced, and Mythril - Elite. I'm still going to leave the tables with exact info as well though.


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