Site History 4

04-01-08 Update #28

Nothing really to update. Some pages are updated, I didn't do many of them, so I don't recall what was done. Napp decided to no longer work with us for reasons only he can provide, and took some of his pages and left. We got some of them back, and fixed the coding on them to work properly. The others, are no longer on the site.

I'll start picking at the site more, since I have nothing else to do really. And I'm bored. Plus there could always be work to do.


02-26-08 Update #27

I added a few pages, they are the Group Kill and the Holiday Drop pages. We can keep adding to the Holiday Drops and the special occasions on that page to keep a history of things that get dropped throughout Shilla history. This can help us identify what items are if they're repeated through time, and it gives players a bit more insight on the things that the Admins used to do for the game. The main thing with the Group Kill is to archieve past things, so that way we can try to identify stats for new Group Kills and where they might be located, and approximate life. Hopefully these pages help some players out, and keep the history buffs informed.

Napp, out.

11-27-07 Update #26

Hit the creature pages hard for a few then thought that getting Quick Looks on area pages should be priority. Have those done through Ocean now. Did some changes to the Weapons page because I found I need to know what the next weapon in line was. Fiddled with the Forum that Bp started and got it to accept Anonymous posts from non-site members. Hopefully word spreads and the people who play the game will help with the odds and ends when it comes to research. I am pleased with the number of "hits" the site is getting and even saw someone complain in chat that the site wasn't up to look at. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. lol Anyway my list of "to do"s keeps growing every time I think I finish one another idea pops up.

Onward and upward,


11-13-07 Update #25

Minor editing done, but I've been going down the list of pages we've needed, and eliminated a ton of access garbage. So that when we get to the real meat and bones, we don't need to deal with peas and carrots. Stupid vegetables anyway. Hopefully real soon we'll hit the creature pages hard, since that seems to be the most needed data possible. AA redid the front page, and added some more maps to various area pages.


11-8-07 Update #24

Worked on Druid Keep, Glacier, Ice Palace pages. Rewrote the Elemental Guardians quest page. Fixed all the Town Pages to have written information on them, as opposed to a copy/paste map with bare bones descriptions. Also made a generic Food Shop link since we were linking a lot of our current pages to a food shop, even though there wasn't much to state about one.
Will tackle more in the following days, I hope I can make this site better. I know its seriously nothing, but Rome wasn't built in a day either.


11-6-07 Update #23

Got a new laptop, got around to working on the site again. Did a few things yesterday. Added the final page to the armor section, the Mythril one. Forgot to list the Death Reaper quest, do need some more info from any willing player on him just for verification on accuracy. Also put in the Warlock quest page, for those ever fortunate enough to get to that point. Added Maze area, nitpicked a few other pages and edited page links, etc… nothing major to list however.

Will keep the ball rolling more probably with area pages. Will update in the next few days.


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