Sky Castle

Sky Castle

People train in the Sky Castle after the Druid Keep marathon and leave this area to go on to the Great Plains.

Getting In and Getting There

The Sky Castle requires and Intelligence of 333, 370, or 407 depending on race to enter. After you defeat/rescue the Arch Angel the teleport locations associated with the Sky Castle will appear. Until then you will have to walk there. The quickest path is to you the Mountain top teleport location and walk east twice. At this point double check that you have some way of flying and click on the shimmering portal link. This will take you to the Clouds entrance as well as the entrance to the Sky Castle.

Sky Castle Layout and Training

This area is made up of three floors, each a smaller square compared to the last. Training on the 1st floor is dangerous for the reason that the corners are the homes of the Ruby Golem and the Red Slime. Most wait to train on the 2nd and then 3rd floors, the 3rd being preferred because of the plethora of Golden Showers to eat. (or is it drink? >_<)

This area has some nice trainable creatures though. On the 1st and 2nd Floors you will find the Cherub, Holy Knight, Angel Guard, and Winged Archer. The 3rd Floor takes away the Cherub and adds the Seraph Angel and Air Elemental. The last one not being a creature you would want to train on anyway.


The Sky Castle is also the home of the Arch Angel and the completion of that quest.

Quick Look

Name Align Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location
Cherub Air 10% 1 None 530,000 4,750 1st and 2nd Floors
Holy Knight None 15% 1 Pearl Gauntlets 2nd Floor, Pearl Necklace 3rd Floor 550,000 5,300 All Floors
Angel Guard Air 15% 1 None 540,000 4,800 All Floors
Winged Archer Air 5% 2 None 600,000 5,750 All Floors
Seraph Angel Air 20% 2 Golden Showers 610,000 6,750 3rd Floor
Air Elemental Air 50% 3 None 750,000 4950 3rd Floor
Arch Angel Air ? 5 Ruby Ring ? ? 3rd Floor



C — South to Clouds
1 — Up to 2
2 — Down to 1 and Sky Castle 2nd Floor Teleport Location
3 — Up to 4
4 — Down to 3 and Sky Castle 3rd Floor Teleport Location
S — Red Slime Location
G — Ruby Golem Location
E — Air Elemental and Golden Doors Location
A — Arch Angel Location

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