Spirit Guardian and Quest

The Spirit Guardian is a creature that resides in the Druid Temple, but only appears once you get the quest. To get the quest you must have freed the Princess and meet an unknown restriction of Wisdom, though it is less than 2,260.

Once you get the quest, visit the Mayor and then go to the Druid Temple, a west direction link will appear in the Druid Temple which leads to the Spirit Guardian's lair. There are two methods to defeat him. Both require lengthy training and high stat levels.

The first method is using an Ice Scroll trained high enough to overcome the 90% scroll resistance the Spirit Guardian has. This requires either a very high combination of Dexterity and Intelligence, an ice scroll trained to a very high level, or both.

The second method is training your life, either with or without the help of a Magic Shield, to a level to withstand the Spirit Guardian's hefty attack and then take him on mono e mono. His max hit is listed at 42,500, but I never saw a hit over 38K in any of the 17 rounds of combat it took to finally defeat him.

The rewards for completing this quest are rather nice actually. Along with the 150K pieces of gold and the approximate 840M experience points from defeating the Spirit Guardian, you get 200 Billion experience points for completing the quest. You also becoming Spirit aligned which makes you strong vs all aligned creatures.

Defeating the Spirit Guardian is also the final step before taking on the Warlock.

His stats are as follows:

  • 140,000,000 Life
  • 42,500 Max Hit
  • 1 Attack
  • 60% Armor
  • 60% Magic Resistance
  • 90% Scroll Resistance
  • 840 Million Experience and 150k gold pieces
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