The Staffmasters are a group of people who you can join, that specialize in the use of the Staff group of weaponry in Shilla. They reside in the Draconian Lair, near their Spell Training Hut.

When you join them, you have to do a number of quests, related on your rank in the main Fighter guild. Here is a list of the quests you need to do to progress in the Staffmaster group.

Quest Number Requirements to Complete Weapon Bonus1
#1 Obtain a Staff weapon None
#2 Get 125 Critical Hit's in Lake Gala +2% to Critical Hits
#3 Kill 200 Deep Dark Forest/Pit creatures with an Elven Staff +3% to Accuracy
#2 Get 300 Critical Hit's in the Dungeon +2% to Critical Hits
#3 Kill 450 Minotaur's with an Elven Staff +3% to Accuracy
#2 Get 550 Critical Hit's in the Sky Castle +2% to Critical Hits
#3 Kill 750 Vast Desert creatures with an Staff of the Desert Wind +3% to Accuracy
#8 Collect and return with all of the Staff weapons None
#9 Kill 1000 Pyramid creatures with the Staff of the Desert Wind +3% to Accuracy
#10 Kill 100 Mimic's None

Total Bonuses: Damage + 5%, Accuracy +12%, Critical Hits +6%

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