Old Shilla and Shilla: Redemption

Shilla - Beta Stage
The project that was mentioned a month or two ago is in Beta. I helped a little with it, but its worth trying. It's mostly the same, but slightly looks different.

All things change and as time passes that which was old has passed. This Helpsite is a testament to the previous version of the game Shilla. For over ten years Shilla entertained a community of gamers. This was the last active helpsite for that game and it will remain as a place for those who think in the quiet of the night, "What happened to Shilla? What happened to that game where I whiled away countless hours?". These people might do a Google search and find themselves here.

Go Shilla Guestbook to post shout-outs to Shilla players, old and new.

Go HERE to see Bp's well written anniversary post about the death of Shilla and the time line of Shilla's demise.

Shilla: Redemption

In April of 2010 an individual by the name of Mediathrall began recreating Shilla. It was released for beta testing on July 8th, 2010.

A new storyline…
A new enemy…
A blend of the old, with new…
Something familiar, with the opportunity of discovery…

…what are you still reading for?!? Scroll down to the link and click already!

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[[span style="font-family: Arial Black; font-size: 125%; color: white;"]] Shilla Redemption: The game that never was. But we had a helpsite for it. LOL

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