Old Shilla and New Shilla?

As you have probably noticed by now, or if you haven't, Shilla was brought back from the dead.

The game was some code from the relaunch of Shilla that was hosted on www.thedarktraveler.com before it was taken down.

The code engine was trash, one of the players, Jedi, knew a coder from Stratholm/Stratshire, etc… to bring it back up.

The game is up. It can be found here at http://Shilla.club

Now as this game was needing lots of love and care, I helped out a lot. I wasn't the only one. Blink and Radagast did a lot, but they'll never likely see credit for any of it. This sentence is all the credit I'll give them myself. They were smart and walked away sooner than I. I was at one point admin/designer/tester. Though at one point I just said screw it and left. It started to eat at school somewhat, so I quit altogether. 2 weeks later I got bored and got tester/designer access back and helped where I could, which admittedly, wasn't much. I wasn't in the loop like I would have hoped. Recently I lost tester/designer access. I get it, no time, not doing anything with it, okay. Sure. I was bummed, cause all I really wanted was to sit in my corner, play around w/ things and not be a 'player'. I beat it, done that, just wanted to hang around to feel welcome and wanted.

I felt neither of those things anymore.

So I was like, alright. I'll click for boredom in-between Calculus homework. My brain needs something stupid to do after that.
I just can not do it. The style, the layout, the bells and whistles… just isn't what I played for years. Isn't the same.

Maybe it's for you, but it's not for me.

I've grown up since Shilla died in the beginning. Now I just have too many things to do, and my free time is better spent away from here.

Goodbye Shilla. For good this time.


Wiki will stay as always. I like having it for people to see and if people want to use it for Shilla.Club I'm all for it. I don't believe I need to approve any members from joining. If I do, send a message through Wikidot.

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