Stones are items used in Shilla to enchant weaponry with special effects, in combination with other items in Forge Combos.

The following is a work in progress and will be added as things are found.

Stone Monster Location
Dirty Stone Mimmi Dino Land
Fire Stone Mimmi Dino Land
Flying Stone Mimmi Dino Land
Warm Stone Mimmi Dino Land
Stone of Extraordinarity M15 Mount M
Stone of extravigance M1 Mount M
Stone of Supremacy Dug in Sand Mansion
SunStone Dug in Desert
BloodStone Mined in DOLS
Stone of Accuracy Mined in DOLS
Stone of Engagement Hermot Atlantis Golden Tower
Stone of Shatter Cata level 1
Stone of disintigration Cata level 3
Stone of Attention Ghast Swamp
Stone of Mutalation Sea Monster Open Sea
Stone of desolation Sea Monster Open Sea

Stone of Shatter

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