Sword Of Darkness

The Sword of Darkness is the 4th most powerful sword in the Sword weapon group. It has a hit range of 950 to 1200 points of damage. A Strength of 950 is required to use the Sword of Darkness without Fatigue penalty.

The Sword of Darkness can be forged and it is dropped by the Fire Elemental in the lower portion of the Volcano. The forge combo for the Sword of Darkness is Green Scale Neckband, Azure Diamond, Guard Sword, White Pixie Dust, and Ogre Pound Cake.

The Flaming Scimitar and the Red Trunk use the Sword of Darkness in their forge combos. This sword is also part of the Swordhandler weapon collection quest.

Historically, the Sword of Darkness used to be the most powerful weapon in Shilla.

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