Teleport is a spell learned at the Shillatown spell training hut. It allows you, to teleport to places you have already visited, for the cost of mana which is between 1-3x the level your spell is trained.

Below is a chart of where you can go, how much wisdom your character needs, and the spell level required.

Note: A Fighter would need more spell power to go to these places. A Mage (not confirmed, but probably likely) would need less spell power.
Note: Equipping 2 Ring of Neutrality Ring's increases Teleport power by 10%.
Note: If you are Spirit, or Air alignment, Teleport has an increased power(varies daily, on how much exactly).
Note: If you are Fire alignment, Teleport has a decreased power(varies daily, on how much exactly).

Area Teleport Level Wisdom Needed
Beach Entrance Level 1 10
Middle of Beach Level 5 20
Far end of Beach Level 10 30
Outskirts Entrance Level 1 40
Outskirts by Lake Gala Level 5 50
Vast Valley Entrance Level 10 60
Druid Valley Crossroads Level 20 80
Cemetery Crossroads Level 25 80
East Cemetery Crossroads Level 25 90
Cemetery Crypt Level 30 100
Castle entrance Level 30| 100
Castle 2nd floor1 Level 30 110
Castle 3rd floor Level 30 120
Castle Top floor Level 30 130
Mountain Entrance Level 30 160
Ogre Cave Level 35 170
Mountain Top Level 35 | 180
Dark Forest Food Shop Level 25 190
Deep Dark Forest Level 30| 220
Dungeon Entrance Level 10 290
Druid Keep Entrance Level 25 330
Druid Keep Top Floor2 Level 35 350
Sky Castle 2nd Floor Level 45 370
Sky Castle 3rd Floor Level 50 390
Great Plains Level 25 410
Lower Volcano Unknown cell-content
Edge of Atlantis34 Unknown cell-content
Volcano Floor5 Unknown cell-content
Upper Pyramid6 Unknown cell-content
Sky Citadel78 Unknown cell-content
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