Treasure Hunting Guide

This is a guide on how to effectively treasure hunt in new Shilla.


This guide will show you the best way to get treasure, the odds of getting treasure, and any other bit of treasure info you will need to know in order to find what you are looking for.


First off, you can't do any of this with a Compass, so if you have one, discard it in Town. You can discard it in your Inventory, which is just North from the Fountain in Shillatown. Then, you also need to fulfill the Intelligence requirement to enter the Vast Desert, which can be 590 or 649 depending on your race.

Now, there is a skill available called Treasure Hunting that will help you increase your chances of finding a Hidden Treasure. It is obtained from the Traveling Merchant in the Desert, and you can then train the skill in the Spell Training Hut at Shillatown. It is believed that the higher you train it, the higher your chances will be for finding treasure. However, if you train it high, then it will not add much chances then it would in the beginning. I'd say Level 250 is fine if you can afford it. For starters, Level 50 or 100 would be better. The maximum level you can train is 500.

How to Find Treasure

You can just walk around in the Desert and wait to find a treasure, however you won't know on what Way you will find it, and it can often take a long time. A better method is to use Consider on a creature (or any button like How Much when the Traveling Merchant has appeared there) that appears on the Way you want to find a certain treasure on. Then you will have a much better chance of finding what you want. Just click Consider/How Much and see if a Hidden Treasure pops up. If not click it over and over.

Finding Odds

Common knowledge is now that the 2-way treasures are very easy, 3-ways are harder and uncommon, 4-ways are hard to find, and 5-ways are crazy. How come? This too is not that difficult to explain. I'll take a 2-way as an example. In the Vast Desert there are 8 possible directions (being N/S/W/E and NE/NW/SW/SE). If you have two directions to go to, you can make 64 possible combinations out of those directions. It's easy math; 8x8 = 64. Out of those 64 combinations, only 8 will give you a Hidden Treasure (North/North, Southwest/Southwest, etc). This means that on every 2-Way, you have 1/8 chance of finding a Hidden treasure. This is pretty decent, and this is why you will find Hidden Treasures here very often. On a 3-Way, you only have 1/64 chance of finding a Treasure. That's because there are more possible combinations to make. For 4-ways it's only 1/512, and for 5-Ways it's very hard to determine because they don't even always show. Should they always show, the chance would be only 1/4096 which is very small.

Lucky for us that there is the Treasure Hunting skill. Train it and all these chances will go up for you. I'm not sure by how much, but it seems like quite alot, so it's definitely worth it.

Treasures List

Below is the list of treasures that can be found during treasure hunting in the Desert.
Elite Spidersilk Leggings
Rune of Fire

2-way Treasure
Vial of Blood (x5)
Rubber Duckie
Green Armor set Elite Fishscale Coif
Lightening Ring
Black Amulet

Old Shilla Treasure Hunting (not valid anymore)

This is a guide on how to effectively treasure hunt in Shilla.


This guide will show you the best way to get treasure, the odds of getting treasure, and any other bit of treasure info you will need to know in order to find what you are looking for.


First off, you can't do any of this with a compass, so if you have one, discard it in Town.
Before you go any further, don't waste your time if your like a 6000 Wall Score player who just got in the Desert and is going "Yay! I wanna find me an Engagement Ring cause I'm poor and need help!" Why?
Because this guide requires you to have the maximum level of the Treasure Hunting skill possible. And at that wall score, you're getting nowhere close.

You need about 15-18 Billion experience to pull this off. So I recommend that you wait til you make at least 20 milllion exp a kill, and obviously the higher the better, so that you don't waste too much time training to make this happen. Also, you want to stay below 23500 Wall Score, otherwise you can't rent the Divining Rod.

Finding Odds

The maximum treasure hunting level is about 1300. You can train it higher, but the result is the same and more or less is a waste of precious experience. With this your odds of finding a treasure are 50/10000… or 1/200 clicks. Note that is a number, can be higher, can be lower, but for the most part that was the estimate given.

The Divining Rod has the same effect when equipped. 50/10000. 1/200. Again, can be higher, lower, but was the estimate given.

Together, they combine into 100/10000 or 1/100. Like before, can be higher, lower, but was the estimate given.

Treasure Odds

Now, once you find a treasure, here are the odds on you finding what you are looking for:
If you are on a 2 way spot, with different directions, your odds are 100% going to be a 2-way treasure.
If you are on a 3 way spot, odds are 50% 2-way, 50% 3-way.
If you are on a 4 way spot, 1/3rd 2-way, 1/3rd 3-way, 1/3rd 4-way.
If you are on a 5 way spot, 25% 2-way, 25% 3-way, 25% 4-way, 25% 5-way.

After Shilla figures out what kind of level treasure it is, it will go through another set of %'s.
Possibility of it being a food item is 50%
Possibility of it being an armor item is 20%
Possibility of it being a weapon item is 15%
Possiblity of it being a ring item is 10%
Possibility of it being an amulet item is 5%.

So, for something like the EoR, you got a 1/4 shot of it being the right group, and then a 1/20 shot of it being the actual item. So… its 1/80 from a Hidden Treasure in a 5-way.
NM Ring = 1/40
M Helm = 1/20


After getting the TH Skill to 1300, rent the Divining Rod. Now, depending on what treasure you are looking for, head to an area with those directions. Mostly though, people want the 5 way treasure. So make sure the compass is off, and start wandering around looking for a 5-way. Once you see one, stop.

Now, you need to click "Consider" or some people have clicked "Mining"… either way works just as well. The point is to refresh the screen, to get a new set of directions, and get a treasure. Keep clicking, and eventually over time, you'll come across a Hidden Treasure. Click that, and basically pray it's what you're looking for.

I would probably spend an entire day, or various times throughout a 3-day rental, til you find what you are looking for. The main items are, obviously, the E ring mentioned above, Nightmist Ring for the Elven Fetch Quest, Mithril Helm to use in the Dwarven Forge, and the Eye of Ra for training/scrolls.

Complete Item % (Given on 5-way)

Item %
Vial of Blood 12.5%
Timtam Cookie 12.5%
Creme Brulee 12.5%
Ambrosia 12.5%
Item %
Green Armor 5%
Shimmering Cloak 5%
Pearl Armor 5%
Mithril Helm 5%
Item %
Rubber Duckie 3.75%
Attack Rabbit 3.75%
Staff of the Desert Wind 3.75%
Desert Knife 3.75%
Item %
Lightening Ring 2.5%
Ruby Ring 2.5%
Engagement Ring 2.5%
Nightmist Ring 2.5%
Item %
Black Amulet 1.25%
Clear Crystal Amulet 1.25%
Ankh 1.25%
Eye of Ra 1.25%
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