Vast Desert


The Vast Desert is an area in Shilla down from the Vast Valley, requiring an Intelligence of 531, 590, or 649, depending on race to enter.

The directions to get into this area are unique, and are as follows: Teleport to the Mountain Entrance. Then go West a few times until you find the Down leading to the Vast Desert.

Characters usually start training here after the Clouds and before returning to the lower sections of the Volcano

Elemental Climates

The Vast Desert has 3 different climates and change depending on the time of day. There is a hot cycle, a cold cycle, and a normal cycle.

  • Hot cycle occurs from 10am to 6pm server time (+2 GMT)
  • Normal cycle occurs from 6pm to 12am server time (+2 GMT)
  • Cold cycle occurs from 12am to 10am server time (+2 GMT)

When it's hot ('The sun is at its extreme.') you lose a certain % of Life, Mana, and Fatigue. When its cold ('The night is so cold.') you lose a certain displayed amount of Life, but no Mana or Fatigue. Some races are more sensitive or resistant and will lose more or less during these climates. No damage occurs during the normal cycle (no text in-game).

There are amulets that provide some protection from this damage. Wearing an Eye of Ra provides complete protection, some Phylactery that will reduce climate damage by 50% or by 80%, and the Master Bracelet that reduces the damages by 80%.

Traveling Merchant

The Traveling Merchant is a random occurrence in the Vast Desert and offers many wares to sell. He also will teach you the art of Treasure Hunting.

Foods Weapons
BBQ Rat Toes Sandborn Sword
Bear Steak Axe of the Dry Heat
Golden Showers Desert Bow
Oasis Water Heat Wave Daggers
Pegasus Wing Arid Hammer
Red Hot Chili Peppers Spear of the Desert Wind
Sparkling Silver

Compass/No Compass

When you wear a Compass, you will see the directions as shown by the picture map and can then travel the Vast Desert normally. If you do not have a compass, you will see completely random directions, leaving you wandering at fortune's whim.

However, without a Compass, you can find Hidden Treasures by Treasure Hunting. You can find many different items, which are explained in detail on the Treasure Hunting page in the Guides menu.

The Four Oases (the plural form of Oasis)

There is an oasis found in each of the 4 "corners" of the desert. They can be accessed from all 4 spots surrounding them. Drinking from the oasis completely restores the character, just like resting at the Fountain.

Great Pyramid

In the older versions of Shilla, you were required to drink from all 4 oasis locations to see the Great Pyramid entrance. This is IS still the case.
(Older Shilla required this every time you wanted to go there, Current Shilla just requires it once and then it saves with your character)

Black Slime/Obsidian Golem

On one of the spots that surround an oasis, there is a chance these 2 creatures may appear. They drop the Black Obsidian and Black Pixie Dust, which are both very important for forging. All creatures found in the Vast Desert spawn in these locations.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location
Scarab Fire 10%/0% 2 None 2,200,000 10,750 North section
Giant Scorpion Fire 10%/0% 2 None 2,350,000 11,300 North section
Vulture Air 5%/0% 3 None 2,300,000 11,850 North section
Camel Earth 5%/0% 2 None 2,400,000 11,500 Middle section
Giant Cobra Earth 5%/0% 2 None 2,550,000 12,650 Middle section
Dust Devil Air 20%/5% 3 None 2,275,000 12,150 Middle section
Skeleton Raiders Earth 10%/5% 4 None 2,500,000 13,460 South section
Skeleton Mage Fire 10%/20% 2 None 2,650,000 12,800 South section
Green Dragon Air 25%/25% 3 Dragon Blood Equipment Hat, Robe, Gambison 2,600,000 12,450 South section
Obsidian Golem None 40%/70% 2 Black Obsidian 6,500,000 13,500 Near Oases
Black Slime None 70%/40% 1 Black Pixie Dust 6,500,000 13,500 Near Oases


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