Vast Valley

The Vast Valley is the area that most adventurer's begin training in after the Sewers, but before moving on to the Cemetery/Crypt.

The Vast Valley requires an Intelligence of 54, 60, or 66 depending on your race. You can walk to the Vast Valley by going through Outskirts. There is also a teleport location at the Vast Valley entrance.

The Drunken Monk drops some Tier 3 weapons as rare drops as well as Peezza.

The Vast Valley has a lot of fun little quirks that I will hopefully explain well enough that you will understand them. It also contains the entrances of four areas, the Outskirts, the Great Plains, the Vast Desert, and the Mountain.

This area also contains the activation spot for a Village Armor Quest. Currently not in game.

Three creatures call the Vast Valley home. They are the Drunken Monk, Old Wizard, and a Group Kill creature called Forest Crystal Ooze. Click Here for the table of Creature Class vs Weapons.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Class
Drunken Monk None 2%/0% 1 Peezza, Inebriated Bow, Intoxicating Blade, Elder Spear 1,100 145 Humanoid
Old Wizard Fire 2%/2% 1 1,250 175 Humanoid
Forest Crystal Ooze None 55%/55% 2 Green Emerald, Green Pixie Dust, Red Wine 30,000,000 160 Unknown
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