Vessel Stuff

This is a shop that is in Shillatown, related to Shipsailing.

He sells 3 different types of food shown below:
Food Salt Pork Food Ship's Biscuit Bottle of Rum
Weight 1.5 Weight 0.8 Weight 0.5
Heal Amount 300 Heal Amount 500 Heal Amount 300
Mana Amount 300 Mana Amount 300 Mana Amount 500
Stamina Amount 500 Stamina Amount 500 Stamina Amount 500
Value 500 Value 500 Value 500

He sells a used sail and a light cannon, which are the very basic ship parts for sailing and fighting. You can find better versions of these in Dwarven Stronghold and Elven Village. However, I would buy the basic sail to start sailing until you get a better boat, which then you can upgrade.

He finally sells the Brigantine, which is a starter ship you will need to buy in order to start sailing.

Ship Brigantine
Min. Crew Nobody
Max. Sails 1
Defense 1
Max. Health 0
Max. Cannons 100
Weight 0
Tonnage 10
Value 50
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