Village Armor

Note this page is the same as the Advanced armor page, since we are talking about the same thing basically.

This is the page for strictly an advanced class of armor, the Village Set. This armor is made by the various races of Shilla who have villages in the game.

First off, at about 5300 Wall Score, you can do various Village Armor Quests. There are 3 of them in Shilla.

The first one is locating the kobold scavenger. Locations from the Park Ranger Spot in the Mountains: west, south, west.

He asks for 4 pieces of Pearl Armor. This isn't so bad. Get the Pearl Shield, Pearl Boots, Pearl Mail, and Pearl Crown. Return them to get your choice between the Elven Boots, Dwarven Helm, or Draconian Shield. Pick the Boots here.

The second one is getting a Shining Claw for the blue robed mage. He is 1 south from the 4-way in the Outskirts.

He needs a Shining Claw, which used to be a dropped item in the Maze. Now, it can only be bought in the Desert by the Travelling Merchant. You're going to need to have one sent to you from Trader Jack's, buying it at a reduced price, and returning it. It's somewhat cheaper then buying a piece of actual village armor.

The choices are: Orcish Leggings, Halfling Necklace, and Wraith Gloves. There's no real wrong choice here.

Finally, the last one is one east of the Necropolis warning sign.(2 east from the actual area). He wants a Rod of Destiny. This is really insane. Save this for when you really need a piece of armor. It's really hard to obtain a Rod at that stage of the game.

As for the actual armor set: You want to buy the armor in this fashion: To the right is what each piece gives for a stat bonus and adds 27 points of protection. A complete set will give a character 189 points of protection.

Fighter Mage
Halfling Necklace Halfling Necklace
Elven Boots Wraith Gloves
Draconian Shield Orcish Leggings
Dwarven Helm Elven Boots
Elven Cloak Draconian Shield
Wraith Gloves Dwarven Helm
Orcish Leggings Elven Cloak
Armor Stat Bonus
Elven Boots: Gives 200 Dexterity
Elven Cloak: Gives 200 Dexterity
Halfling Necklace: Gives 200 Charisma
Orcish Leggings: Gives 200 Wisdom
Wraith Gloves: Gives 200 Intelligence
Draconian Shield: Gives 200 Constitution
Dwarven Helm: Gives 200 Strength

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