The Volcano is an area broken up into 2 areas: Upper Volcano, and Lower Volcano. I'll break the 2 sections off and describe them below.

Upper Volcano

The Upper Volcano is an area that requires 405, 450, or 495 Intelligence to enter. The entrance is in the Northeast corner of the Mountain top. People come here to train after the Great Plains and before the Clouds or Canals depending on alignment or race.

Level 4, requires 576, 640, 704 Intelligence to enter. Training here usually occurs before even training in Level 3 because of the Young Red Dragon's max hit.

Getting into the Upper Volcano can be done quickly by using the Mountain top teleport location and walking east and north. This will take you to the Volcano entrance and the rim area.

There are 3 areas, the Volcano rim, and then the 2 Caldera levels below that. You don't take damage on the rim itself, but in the lower levels you take 10 and 20 points of damage per action you do. Some races take more, some take less. The damage can be reduced by a Lesser(50%), or Shielding (50%) Phylactery, an Eye of Ra (nullifies the heat damage), or a Master Bracelet (80%). The Phylactery of Greater Resistance and the Ruby Ring reduces the heat damage by 80%.

The Orc drops Fire Water, the Orc, Dark Rider, and Fire Lizard Trainer drop Tier 11 weapons for each specialty. The Hatchling Dragon and the Young Red Dragon drop assorted Dragon Armor pieces for each class.

Just before you enter the lower volcano, you can go east into the Draconian Lair.

Lower Volcano

The Lower Volcano is an area that requires 576, 640, or 704 Intelligence to enter and can be reached by either using the Lower Volcano teleport location or by walking down from the Volcano rim. It's a continuation of the Upper Volcano. People come back here to train after the Vast Desert and go to the Ocean afterwards.

There are 5 training areas, and the final spot is where the Fire Guardian resides. You take 30 points on the first level of the the Lower section (fourth level overall counting the rim), and an additional 10 points for each level you go down. Some races take more, some take less, and damage can reduced by the same ways as the upper volcano.

The floor shifts into various patterns. So you may end up going backwards at times. This is really confusing to explain, but eventually you'll make it to the other side to go down to the next level.

There is the Manticore that drops Red Hot Chili Peppers, and there are a couple other armor drops shown below as well.

Quick Look

Name Align Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location
Roc Air 10%/5% 2 None 1,075,000 7,000 Level 1/The Ridge
Dark Rider Fire 15%/0% 3 Bow of Darkness, Mace of the Night 1,050,000 7,500 Level 1/The Ridge
Orc Fire 10%/0% 2 Fire Water, Orkish Sword, Orkish Axe, Volcanic Staff, Orb of the Blistering Air, Wand of the Steaming Volcano 1,100,000 7,500 Level 1/The Ridge
Fire Lizard Trainer Fire 10%/5% 5 Training Daggers, Chameleon Spear 1,150,000 7,500 Level 2/The Caldera
Giant Fire Ant Fire 10%/5% 2 None 1,175,000 7,500 Level 2/The Caldera
Hatchling Dragon Fire 5%/5% 2 Dragon Blood Satin Slacks, Dragonscale Handguards, Dragonscale Neckband, Dragonscale Tasset, Dragonplate Gorget 1,225,000 9,000 Level 2/The Caldera
Young Red Dragon Fire 15%/15% 3 Dragonplate Equipment Gauntlets, Chausses Dragon Blood Equipment Pendant, Slippers 1,300,000 14,250 Level 3/The Caldera
Fire Drake Fire 10%/5% 2 None 1,325,000 9,500 Levels 3/The Caldera and 4/The Magma Chamber
Fire Wolf Fire 10%/5% 2 None 1,350,000 9,960 Levels 3/The Caldera, 4/The Magma Chamber and 5/The Magma Chamber
Adult Red Dragon Fire 10%/10% 4 Dragon Blood Satin Mittens, Dragonplate Shield, Dragonscale Hood 2,050,000 10,000 Level 4/The Magma Chamber
Elder Red Dragon Fire 30%/30% 5 Dragonscale Equipment Pavise Dragonplate Equipment Bascinet, Cuirass 2,200,000 13,375 Level 5/The Magma Chamber
Manticore Earth 10%/5% 2 2 Red Hot Chili Peppers 2,500,000 13,450 Levels 5/The Magma Chamber, 6/The Magma Chamber, 7/The Magma Chamber, and 8/The Magma Chamber
Green Dragon Air 25%/25% 3 Dragon Blood Equipment Hat, Robe, Barrier, Dragonplate Equipment Sabatones, Dragonscale Equipment Shoes, Gambeson 2,600,000 12,450 Elite Areas
Fire Fly Swarm Fire 5%/0% 1 None 2,750,000 14,700 Level 6/The Magma Chamber
Fire Golem Fire 15%/15% 1 None 2,800,000 14,050 Levels 6/The Magma Chamber, Level 7/The Magma Chamber
Fire Elemental Fire 20%/20% 1 None 2,800,000 14,900 Levels 7/The Magma Chamber, Level 8/The Magma Chamber
Demon Guard Fire 15%/10% 1 None 2,775,000 16,300 Level 8/The Magma Chamber
Magma Beast Fire 15%/0% 1 None 2,900,000 15,450 Levels 8/The Magma Chamber and 9/The Fiery Depths
Lava Worm Fire 15%/0% 1 None 3,100,000 17,550 Level 9/The Fiery Depths
Phoenix Fire 30%/50% 1 None 3,000,000 16,900 Level 9/The Fiery Depths
Fire Guardian Fire 35%/35% 2 None Varies Varies Level 9/The Fiery Depths last spot

Elite Areas

Level 7/Lava Path


Level 9/Lava Tube


Volcano Maps

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