The Wandwielders are a group of people who you can join, that specialize in the use of spells that are of Water element. They reside in the Vast Valley, southeast and then southwest of the valley entrance.

The Wandwielders use their Charisma to help increase their Water attack spell damages so you will want to train up your Charisma if you join their guild.

When you join them, you have to do a number of quests, related to your rank in the main Mage guild. Here is a list of the quests you need to do to progress in the Wandwielder group.

Note this isn't fully updated yet for new Shilla, eventually all will be fixed.

Quest Number Requirements to Complete Rewards
#1 Obtain a Flooding Wand weapon Cone of Ice scroll
#2 Train Cone of Ice spell to 300 proficiency, train River of Dexterity spell to level 150 +50 Charisma
#3 Kill a Hydra in the Mountain, kill a Dead Knight in the Cemetery/Crypt, train River of Dexterity spell to level 300 +3% to Spell Accuracy and River of Charm scroll
#4 Train River of Dexterity spell to level 450, get 100 Jail Bait's from the Dungeon Guards in the Dungeon +3% to Spell Damage
#5 ??
#6 ??
#7 ??
#8 ??
#9 ??
#10 ??
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