The Warlock is the final quest in Shilla. Defeating him means you have finished the entire storyline of Shilla. You can still play Shilla as much as you may like, but there is no final purpose as there was once before.

With that in mind, here is the overall logic behind defeating him.

Recommended Stats

You can only attempt to do this quest after defeating the Spirit Guardian. There is also a Wisdom requirement of 3,000, depending on race. Have 50k life as that is the max hit. Also bring numerous Burrito's from Bruno's. If you haven't done the quest yet, click the Burrito link for more information. Also, try and get your magic shield up as high as possible. The higher the better.

Finding The Warlock Tower

The Warlock Tower is in the Maze. You may have gone this route before, or you may have not. It is the same way as searching for elemental shrines if you wanted to switch alignments at one point or another.

If you haven't, basically there is 9 dead ends. One of them in a hour may show a link to a portal. The portal may take you to the Warlock Tower, or to a Elemental Shrine. If you find a Shrine, leave there, and start over. So this can be a real challenge.

Once you find the Warlock Tower, you can proceed to the next section below.

Warlock Puzzles

Now, you will have to go through 4 out of a possible 10 random puzzles to get to the very top of the tower. Since very few people have done these puzzles, or even seen all of them between the 5 people who passed this, the info is pretty sketchy. What is known, is that most of these puzzles are ones seen before somewhere else, or can be found somewhere else. If there's a will, there's a way…

Once you get to the top, you can proceed to the next section.

Final Battles

There are 4 Battles. Get your shields up and be prepared for a fight when you click up to battle. Each fight is harder, with the Warlock hitting for more damage, having more life, and more then likely higher armor. Just keep your life up and be patient, and always heal to max life before letting the screen refresh itself.

When you chase him after the 2nd time, he will cheap shot you like what a Village Guard would do if you walked into their territory. So have full life before that point, and finish the battles.

Once you beat the warlock the 4th time, you will have beat the game. Congratulations!!

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