Weapon Guide

The Start(Knife)

When you start Shilla you get a Knife, if you complete the Wise Sage Tutorial. When you die you get another Knife. So you can always be assured of having the knife. The knife is very weak, adding 5 to 15 points of damage. Basically it's good enough to fight your way to finishing the Beach Quest.

Battle Axe

With the gold you get from the fighting on the beach (a very low amount) and completing the Beach Quest (a much higher amount), you can afford a better weapon then the knife. The good news is that you don't have to make a life altering decision about what weapon group you are going to stick with and should be focused on only one goal… Kill as many creatures as you can and gain as much experience from those creatures as you can. To do this most efficiently use the Battle Axe, and to save a little gold get someone to send you one. Anyone who has been playing the game for at least two weeks, maybe even less, can take five minutes out of their game time and can easily afford to send the battle axe to Trader Jack's for you. Buying one yourself might save you time, but not gold. So unless you are afraid to type "Can someone please send me a battle axe?" into the little white space at the bottom of the chat screen, ask for the axe and save yourself some gold. Anyway, the damage range is between 30 to 50 points, which is over double the Knife.

There are other choices of weaponry, but none have any special powers or anything of the sort. The Battle Axe does the most damage. It does cost more, but we can afford it. But if you die… then you may need to settle for the knife until you get more gold.

Buying Weapons?

Some people go through the above process, use their axe for awhile, then begin to wonder if there is something better out there. They then see that the Elven Staff, Dwarven Axe, Rubber Duckie, or any number of weapons available for sale in the Elven Village and Dwarven Stronghold do more damage then the Battle Axe. They ask for these weapons be sent and then buy and use them. My advice? DO NOT BUY THEM!! Why? There are two reasons.

  1. They cost money. Any weapon you want in Shilla is free through forging, or very, very cheap if you buy it in Shillatown weapons shop. You need will need money to buy Rings, Amulets, and Village Armor. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of money. The weapons are just not worth the money.
  2. Any bought weapon isn't strong enough to get up past the Castle Guard to Elite Guard jump in the Drakmor Castle anyway. Will they help? Sure, but so could training 150 worth of str/con (Fighters) or wis/chr (mages), and that doesn't cost you anything but time.
  3. Don't be pansy!

Elven Bow(Green Slime + Emerald Golem)

Once you can fight and kill the 2 creatures shown above gather the necessary items and forge an Elven Bow. This spectacular weapon never misses, never, which helps out a lot. However, if you want to use another weapon, like a Jeweled Battle Axe, feel free to try it. You won't be wasting a lot of money experimenting with various weapons, since it doesn't cost anything but time to forge them. Well, maybe a little for buying the food items from Trader Bob's.


Without going into really drawn out details… here's what we got.

  • The Sword group have a lower Strength requirement, so they are easier to use without a Fatigue penalty.
  • The Staff and Club group have a Constitution requirement, otherwise they are similar to the Sword group.
  • The Axe group have a higher Strength requirement, making it harder to reach that 1 FAT per swing, but do more base damage.
  • The Missile group of weapons require Dexterity, so they are generally the hardest to get to the 1 FAT per swing point.
  • If you are going to choose to do the Dagger group, or even worse, the Mana group you're just a glutton for punishment and should be kicked in the head by a horse. Stop reading right now and go play WOW or something.

General rule of thumb for those who are continuing to read this… If you want to do the most damage start with the Battle Axe, move to the Sword group, then end with Axe when you get to the highest levels of play.

Eventually though, you will want to read the next part about the specialties that balance all the weapons closer together.


Each weapon belongs to group of weapons that a character can become specialized in. To join any of the specialties you must already be a Fighter. Once you've done that, you can join whichever one you wish to join. Though only three of them are accessible to newer characters anyway. However, joining one as soon as you can, isn't necessarily a good idea. Why? One reason is percentages… Specialty guilds increase the percentages of accuracy, damage, and critical hits. So lets look at a mid level fighter with even 2000 dexterity. This would give them 100 attacks. What is an increase of 2% of 100 attacks… +2 attack. Specialty guilds help… but are really only noticeable once you start swinging 300+ times and are doing 50K+ damage. Another reason is that the specialty guild quest are extremely boring… A third reason is that by locking yourself into specialty you gain penalties when using weapons from other groups. Here are a couple example of this pitfall.

You joined the Axe group. The first group you could see in the Dwarven Stronghold. They made you sign up. Then they made you kill some Sewer monsters. (boring) You gained your 2.5% damage, but also lose 2.5% to every other non-Axe weapon. The Elven Bow was recommended earlier in this guide. It never misses. Still a better weapon. But you lost 2.5% damage on it.

Another Example:
You joined the Ranger group. They made you kill 200 Vampire Bat's (boring). Your accuracy went up 3% on Bows. (yippy!) However, you are using an Elven Bow. Accuracy was already 100% (doh!). You lose 3% accuracy on any non-Ranged weapon. The next quest is an increase in damage. But the bow ends up doing less damage compared to other weapons.

Specialty Help

Join one only after you can see all of the specialty areas. The list is below.

By the time you can reach all of those areas you will probably be around 5000-7000 life. That gives you about 5-6 quests to do and that should balance out all the weapons to a decent enough level to make them all about equal.

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