what's changed

Shilla reopened earlier this summer. Things that have changed:

New layouts for all areas. Monsters stayed the same, however.
New quests.
Crabs drop starting armor. Armor heals by % now, making it more useful.
Weapons are no longer useable at any time. They have item requirements, and if not filled, you are unable to use them. Old Shilla had requirements, but they allowed you to use the weapon effectively.
This version it's all or nothing.
Fatigue is a variable for all weapons. This probably goes back to antique Shilla. Higher damage = higher fatigue. Lower damage, lower fatigue.
Antique Shilla allowed players to leave items on the ground for others. This applies here as well.
This means there is no trader shops at all(Jack's, Bob's, etc..)
Monsters stayed the same for stats as old version(exp,gold,max hit, life, etc..)
Food is able to be sold.
Shops use charisma in different ways. To get a discount, you need a minimum amount and a maximum amount.
While creature stats stayed the same along with experience, the process was nerfed.
Weapon damage accounts for very little of your actual damage, relying on most of your natural stats.
This means it takes longer to get through areas then before.


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