Wizard S Review

Where did you find Shilla?

I found Shilla when I was given a webtv for Christmas back in 1998.
I searched for online games that webtv could play.
It was campy, full of errors, but had a great community and was fun just talking.

Why did you start playing?

I started playing out of boredom. I came back for conversations.
I left for a time when I got my first computer because they upgraded and I was having trouble with Aol and My connection.

What made you interested?

I made alot of friends on Shilla, some who I still talk to online or in real life today.
I also found that the game was fairly easy to understand, unlike other games where you have to learn 50 button combinations and things I just do not have time to learn.
For me, the most interesting in shilla is the people, even with the smaller community that shilla has now.

What kept you going?

Well, at first I wanted to make it up the mountain and fight the Hydra.
Then the castle came out I had to beat that, then I cannot remember what came next.
Back then, what really kept me around was the drama.
The life and times of Shillians.

Did you ever want to quit?

Every time I died.
When they re-set the game, especially the second time when we lost alot of players.
When I was hacked by the notorious hackers back in Tim's day and they killed me.
I did leave for 2-3 years over my time at shilla, boredom, real life stuff kept me away and brought me back.
I cannot leave now, I have 3 or more charries that have to beat the warlock.
Besides, I would miss Melkor too much :)

So how long have you been playing this?

As I said, I have been playing on and off since December of 1998.

Most Positive things to happen to Shilla?

No denying it, if not for him this game would not have survived.
The fact that we can finally beat the warlock, that has been taunting us for years.
He has fixed the errors, upgraded the monsters while working his own job on the side.
He has a hard job in that he also has to police shilla too.

Most negative things to happen to Shilla?

The loss of players. Some from resets, errors, rude people and thieves, and better games.
Though I still like shilla best, I keep coming back.
The people that have been caught cheating, many have surprised me, like Alpha, who put so much time into shillatime.

Final Shilla Thoughts:

I hope Shilla stays around. With the beginning of planning "Shilla: The Victorian Age", hopefully it will bring in others again.
Shilla has not ended either, they are still adding new things.
Maybe we will find a new enemy, I do not know.
All I can say, if you enjoy killing things while talking on the side, you will love Shilla.


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